Can you get a Myanmar Visa on Arrival

When you arrive, can you apply for a Myanmar visa?

The following nationalities are the only ones who can enter Myanmar without a visa: When you arrive in Burma without the appropriate travel documents, you will be refused entry. ASEAN passport holders, however, receive a free entry visa upon entry. You can, however, obtain a business visa on arrival at the airport instead of going to the embassy. A paper version of the electronic tourist visa is required to be presented to an immigration officer on arrival.

Burma Visa on Arrival - Warning

They may have already learned about the new visa for Myanmar. They can be found on the Myanmar government's website (often seems to be a broken link!) and on the embassies' websites. This is a PDF from the Myanmar administration, but it is housed on a administration web site that could cause your vicious alerts to surface.

You can even see a large stand right at the entrance to the migration office with large signposts showing VISA ON ARRIVAL. Yangon's visa pass rates are so untrustworthy that most carriers will not let you on from your point of origin if you do not already have a Myanmar visa in your travel itinerary.

Luckily, you can persuade them that you will get the visa on arrival, but then you still have very little chances of entering Yangon. It is advisable to try out the visa on arrival to ensure that you have a written notice of invitations and all the documents required on the website.

Make sure you have a number from the agency that invites you and make sure that the liaison is from Burma and that you have a telephone number to call that individual when you arrive outside work time.

Burma Tourist Visa upon arrival

From September 1, 2014, you can request a visa on, the Myanmar government's website. You will then receive a permit to obtain a Myanmar Tourism Visa upon arrival at Yangon Airport. So it' s not like you just show up in Myanmar and get instant entry - you still need to schedule in time and submit your application at least a month before your trip.

Until now, you had to go personally to an embassy in Myanmar and submit your application (as described in How To Get A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok). But with the opening of the land and the growing number of visitors, the authorities have chosen to facilitate the work. It still isn't fast - it will take 5 working day and then you will receive by e-mail a confirmation of your visa, which you will need to take with you to the immigration office upon your arrival in Myanmar.

Hopefully the check-in personnel of the Myanmar airline companies will know the new regulations and accepts the visa letter as evidence that you have a visa when you arrive - be advised that you need to tell them about the visa issue. A Myanmar visa in Bangkok is still required, please read the instructions for obtaining a Myanmar visa in Bangkok.

In any case, please be aware that you will need a visa or visa permit before arriving in Myanmar. Do not think you can get on a flight to Myanmar without a visa or visa.

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