Can I Travel to Burma

May I travel to Burma?

The roads in mountainous border areas can be particularly bad. You may wonder what your guide will look like before you travel to Myanmar. What is Peregrine doing in Myanmar? Laos and Myanmar can be visited at any time of year, but remember that these two countries have a monsoon climate. This is some practical information to help you plan your family trip to Burma.

Burma: Visa for Burma Tourist Information and Counseling

In the past it was possible to obtain a tourism permit upon your arriving in Burma. As soon as you have your passport, you can start relaxing and enjoying your journey to Burma. Access/exit Burma via Yangon and Mandalay airport. Don't neglect to include a self-addressed self-addressed self-addressed self-addressed stamp so that your application can be sent back to you.

The visa handling periods may differ according to the season. Travellers can now request a visa on-line. You must give your ID number, your private information, the name and number of the tour operator (if applicable) and a photograph. After you have done this, you will have to make an on-line payment of $50 by car.

If you are applied on-line, it will take five working nights until you get your tourism visas if your request is approved. Or you can request your visas through an agency such as Action Visas or Visas Express, which will add a surcharge to the services. Shortly before you land, you will be sent a brief registration request with your name, your postal adress and the name of your accommodation.

You' ll then go through custom where your pass will be validated and your visas checked. An extension of the licence is not possible.

Family-holidays in Burma - Travel with the family specialists

Myanmar has become the largest new tourist resort, and it is now getting around that it is safe to leave before things are over-changed. Burma's junior families really merit increasing applause. Situated in the Shan State mountains, Inle lake is home to some of the country's most scenic areas and you can enjoy many lucky moments on a small longtail that winds its way through the tranquil canals along the lake's shores.

If you are more energetic, you can also include a walk in the Kalaw Mountains for your Burmese vacation. The countryside is opening up to the tourist, but for now it is a place of eternal charme, with perhaps the most friendly and inviting in Asia. When you have a Burmese vacation on your schedule, leave soon.

Traveling in Burma is a joy with offspring. This is our top selection for a Burmese vacation: Also in the southern part of the state there are wonderful beautiful sands, so that you can end your vacation with a few nights on a still untouched and unspoiled sand-surface.

Each of our routes is tailor-made, i.e. they are tailored to your families and take into consideration the age of your kids, your interests, your budgets and so on. But to give you an impression of what you can do on a Burmese vacation, take a look at our sample trips, Burma in summer and Burma at Christmas or Easter.

Have a look at the places you want to involve in your journey, and if you need more ideas, have a look at our Burma picture album. Don't overlook what the wheather will be like at the moment you want to be there. Alternatively, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the best vacation for your Burmese ancestors.

Speak to our kind staff about your travelling needs.

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