Can I Travel to Burma

May I travel to Burma?

Although we believe that the boycott of individual tourist attractions can work, we generally do not believe in the boycott of countries. In fact, most of the time you can count tourists on one side. Burma Travel Insurance Start your journey from Putao, famous for its diversity of native bird species and the scarce native growing dark Orchid. Then drive to Myitkyina, where you will see the thrilling Kachin Mano Festival, apart from the various other rides. Lazhio is your next stop, full of thrilling places of worship and nature.

Though you need a permission for all your shopping, you can still take a look at the market here. You will find various rides and ethnical articles for purchase here. Continue towards Nay Pyi Taw, the capitol. The gold-plated Uppatasanti Pagoda is a must.

Then drive to Bago and see the remains of its former worship places that have proved their worth. Come and see the various tourist spots here, both artificial and unspoiled. Continue to Dawei, which is full of different kinds of sacred pages. A lot of coupons are made here, but you have to go to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Besides its beautiful scenery, it is also a favourite place for leisure time. The Popa Mountain National Park is home to a variety of native animal and plant life. Myanmar's cuisine is a mix of different cultures in the past, with China, India and Mon flavours.

Fly on a hot air ride if you have the opportunity for an exhilarating experience with a stunning panoramic see. Design your journey so that it is full of excitement and adventures.

Myanmar Trips - What to do, see and enjoy (Podcast)

He also described a land where the streets are still so poor that you could instead travel from place to place and where it is not as easy to get your hands on cash as when you go to the cash machine.

Myanmar's 4 major towns are Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. He' s taking us a little further off the well-trodden paths on the basis of the 3 month he has been in the land over the past year. He' taking us on a hike between some of the mountain people near Kelaw and Pandaya.

It leads us southwards of the Golden Rock and into the small hamlet of Mawlamyine. It uses the Hpa-an cave and hikes to the summit of Zwegabin, where you can spend the night in a cloister.

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