Can I get a Visa on Arrival in Myanmar

May I get a visa upon arrival in Myanmar?

Obtaining a visa to enter Myanmar. While some travel agents still seem to have the option of applying for a visa upon arrival, the safest option is to apply for your visa in person at an embassy. The government will allow more land later. Arrival visa is the process of applying for a visa via Internet, then you will pick up your visa upon arrival at the airport of Myanmar. IN HOW MANY COUNTRIES CAN APPLY FOR AN E-VISA FOR MYANMAR?

Myanmar Visa FAQs

Which is an E-visa? For Cuba you will get your e-visa by post, for China you will get your visa by post as well as by e-mail. Is my personally identifiable information secure? We will only use your information for e-visa applications. It is possible for us to remove your data if you wish.

We will then save your data for a period of up to 48hrs. If your e-visa is sent to you, we will save your data until the date your e-visa starts. Particularly important data (passport number, date of issuance, expiry date) will be erased 72 hrs after issuance of the visa.

How does a multi, dual and simple electric visa differ? Is it possible to request an e-visa on another person's name? Yes, if you have the necessary information, you can request an e-visa for another person. Is it possible to get a visa for more than one person at the same date?

What documentation do I need to take a baby with me? That the number 0 or the character M in my pass? Do I have several passes, can I select which one? Yes, you can select which type of pass you will use to go abroad. You can verify whether you are eligible for an e-visa with this pass before making your selection.

If I have a fugitive or an identification document (foreigner passport), can you request an e-visa for me? No. If you have a document of refugees or identification (foreigner passport), we cannot request an e-visa for you. I will be expiring soon and I will request a new one, can I already do so?

You must have your new ID data before you can request an e-visa. Is it possible to reverse my visa request? May I change my e-visa? You can still change your data. May I renew my E-Visa? It is possible to renew your visa at some localities.

Where do I get my E-Visa? You' ll get your e-visa by e-mail. Once we have received your visa, we will email it to the email you provided in your request. You will get your visa for Cuba by post. In China, you will get some of the documentation by e-mail and some by post.

Must I have my e-visa printed? Is it possible to have my E-visa printed in b/w? Yes, you can have your visa printed in monochrome. How long does it take to get my e-visa? Once you have submitted your e-visa request, you can make payment directly by credit/debit/paypal. What do I have to do to get the e-visa?

Is it possible to get an account for my visa request? For how long is my E-visa for? Myanmar's touristic and commercial e-visa are issued 90 day from the date of issuance. For how long can I remain in Myanmar? You can remain in Myanmar for up to 28 nights on a touristic e-visa during the period of your e-visa's expiry.

You can remain for up to 70 nights for a Visa. Is it possible to go to Myanmar several time on the E-visa? What kind of travels can I use the E-Visa for Myanmar? They can use the touristic E-visa for 1 trip. There is a 1 trip validity for the Visa No.

May I get a visa upon arrival in Myanmar? No. It is not possible to buy a visa upon arrival in Myanmar. How do I get an e-visa for Myanmar? In order to obtain an e-visa for Myanmar, you must have a Myanmar Citizenship Card which will be issued for at least 6 month upon arrival in Kenya.

For Myanmar, how long before my flight must I request an e-visa? It can take up to 72hrs to process your visa request by the Myanmar authorities. It is recommended that you request your e-visa in good time. Your resume can be submitted 62 or less working day prior to your arrival in Myanmar.

It is possible, however, to send us your job applications in advance. We will then save your data and send you your asap. Is it possible to reach Myanmar from an alternative airport/border checkpoint to the one indicated on your website? Is it possible to exit Myanmar via an alternative airport/border checkpoint from your website?

Will my baby need an e-visa for Myanmar? Yeah, underage people need their own e-visa for Myanmar. May I renew my E-Visa for Myanmar? It is not possible to renew your E-Visa for Myanmar. Is it possible to send a monochrome photograph? All your first name must be filled in as it appears on your ID card.

Be sure to enter your last name exactly as it appears in your ID card. If I want to go to Myanmar, how long must my pass be in force? Passports must be in effect for at least 6 month upon arrival in Myanmar.

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