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Which is the year' s term - and how is it used? When asked to join a Scrabble match with Helen Freeman, it is very wise to polite deny the occasion or face a humbling loss. The choice of the year' s words is not a coincidence.

This is the analysis of occurrences and peaks in the on-line term lookup that are usually due to worldwide occurrences. For populist scholars, two references to the Pope Francis' words were sufficient to start an omnipotent phrase quest around the globe. "But the peaks in which words are searched much more often than normal are much more interesting because you can connect them to the things in the realm and what the folks who use our dictionary think about.

Following the parliamentary elections we had studs containing the words "shambles" and "untenable". As soon as these items were released, we saw the stud. The addition of new words to the Cambridge Dictionary is not an ad hoc matter. Every proposal is carefully investigated before it is added to the expanding on-line data base.

And, while some folks still have the need to take a dictionary off the shelves and leaf through it to find a phrase, the futures are good and really on-line, as Mrs Freeman points out. We are now on-line, we no longer have to care about the dictionary's place and number.

We don't have to be worried about that now. "Things are heading towards on-line wordbooks and we think that that's where the avenue is. We' put our dictionary on line in 1999, so we did it very early.

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Like we have told you, the term popularism was the Cambridge Dictionary 2017 term, but here are 10 more new words from the Cambridge Dictionary and their meaning: Snacks in the shape of an African soccer arena, usually offered to a group of players who follow the yearly Super Bowl series.

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