Cambodia Embassy Yangon

Embassy of Cambodia Yangon

Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar . Here you will find information about the Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, including address, telephone, fax, e-mail, opening hours, website and ambassador. Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. The Cambodian Embassy in Yangon. Embassy of Cambodia in Myanmar, Yangon.

Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

The Embassy of Cambodia in Yangon, Myanmar offers a comprehensive array of consulting and consulting activities for Burmese, Cambodians and internationals in Myanmar. Cambodia's embassy in Yangon provides support to Myanmar's people through its diplomatic consulates if they so wish: Cambodia passports and visas are only available to residents of Cambodia and Myanmar.

It can take several months for a citizenship of Cambodia to be issued with a Cambodia type visas and passports. Please consult the Embassy of Cambodia in Yangon if you have questions regarding visas and passports. Cambodia's embassy in Yangon is the only camebodian embassy in Myanmar. Cambodia's Embassy in Yangon is one of 43 consulates and embassies in Cambodia around the globe.

The Cambodian Embassy in Yangon is represented in Myanmar by one of 33 international consulates and missions.

Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

The Head of Missions is Ambassador H.E. Mr. SIENG Bunvuth - Ambassador. If you have any queries regarding trade rules, passports and VISA applications, please do not hesitate to ask the embassy in Yangon. Combodia has 1 diplomatic missions in Myanmar. It is possible to receive an update that we would review and release as soon as possible.

Cambodian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, Cambodia Visum Yangon, Cambodia Visas required

Obtaining a Cambodia Visas in Yangon, Myanmar: The majority of Cambodians are obligated to obtain a visas before they visit Cambodia. The Cambodian Embassy in Yangon or on-line. Review all Cambodia visas requirements: For Cambodia, a 4×6 photograph and a minimum 6-month validity of your residency permit are necessary.

Cambodia Visas costs: In which way can I go to Yangon, Myanmar from Cambodia? The Cambodia application process will take about 20-30 min. at the airport and airport or 3 working day online. Need a Cambodia Visas validity period: What is the direct flight from Cambodia to Yangon, Myanmar?

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