Call Myanmar from Singapore

Calling Myanmar from Singapore

In order to make a direct call to Myanmar from Singapore, you must use the international dialing format specified in the box below. Dialing format is the same for calls from Singapore to Myanmar. Find out how to call Myanmar from Singapore. Pre-elections from Singapore to Myanmar. With BOSS Revolution you can make cheap calls to Myanmar.

Calling Myanmar from Singapore

Below is the dial-up process for calling Myanmar from Singapore. Find out how to make an overseas call from Singapore to Myanmar. In order to make a call to Myanmar directly from Singapore, you must use the dial number formats specified in the below message boxes.

Same dialling for calls from Singapore to Myanmar. If you want to call Myanmar from Singapore, dial: Primary - There are 35 primaries in Myanmar. When there is a Myanmar metropolitan area number, call after dialling ISDC.

In the absence of an area coded number, call the recipient's telephone number after the ISD area coded number. Calling a Myanmar cell phone number from Singapore: Burma ISD Reuters Act: Myanmar's country or ISD number is 95. There' re 35 primary elections in Myanmar. To make an internatinal call to Myanmar from Singapore, you need to know the areacodes for the Myanmar area network.

Recognize the timing differences between Myanmar and Singapore to plan phone conversations to prevent unforeseen outages. Actual elapsed in Singapore: Actual elapsed in Myanmar :

Low cost phone calls to Myanmar

Please note: Displayed minute and tariffs are located in Singapore via your area. If you call the numbers you use, your carrier may charge you for long or short range call termination fees. Ask your ISP for the specifics of your plans. One minute lap time. Overall costs of each call to the nearest full cents.

Cheap calls to Myanmar from Singapore - calling for free!

There are no new contracts, no commitments, payment per second. Saves up to 90% on a call in Myanmar. Adds pre-paid balance and pays per second. Operates from any fixed or mobile telephone. Prices in US dollars include value added tax, no call charges, minutes rounded, various prices for value added and numbering. Register for free with e-mail and telephone number.

The first call is free, you can test without commitment. You can make your free test call. Highest call qualitiy, no need for connection to the web. The balance has no expiry date. and Paysafecard. Myanmar rates are 9.1 / min to landlines and 9.1 / min to mobile phones. The call balance and the call charges are added to this pre-paid balance.

Recharge your call balance via Paypal, your debit and paysafeard. There is no expiration date on the balance. What is the call charge for the dialing of the area number? All our access numbers are fixed numbers. You will not receive any additional charges from your operator if fixed line phone charges are covered by your policy.

Otherwise, you will have to make the call to your network operator. Can I view my balance? You can view your balance in the member area at any time. Or you can find all your phone conversations and the length and cost of each call. Will it work with any kind of support?

We offer our Singapore service fully interoperable with any fixed or mobile operator. Allows you to top up and use this pre-paid balance for your calling. Call with 1 click directly from our application. Face-to-face loan information and call detail logs. Dial Myanmar landlines 9.1 and mobile 9.1. As a favorably priced call to Myanmar?

While our services work like a business cards, it's much simpler without a personal identification number. I have a friend who has been studying in Myanmar for a year and we have been looking for a good way to keep in touch. Since my bride is not from Singapore and recently came here after we got married, she wants to keep in touch with her family.

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