California Spangled Cat

United States Spangled Cat

California Spangled is a breed of domestic cats bred like the ocelot and leopard. The California Spangled Cat comes from the USA with similar markings as a wild cat like a cheetah or leopard. The California Spangled Cat is sometimes referred to as the designer cat for the rich. Those cats are very intelligent. California Spangled is the California cat for you if you want a really unique cat with a leopard-like coat!

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California Spangled is a race of house pets that has been raised like the Octopus and the Leonard. Initially cultivated in the 80s, they were always a scarce race, with only 58 ever registered[1] They were generally pricey and cost between 800 and 2500 dollars[2] The populity of two other dabbed cat races, the Ocicat and the Bengal, obscured their evolution.

Influenced by the wild deaths of a lion, Louis Leakey, a California based man, encouraged Paul Arnold Casey, Jr. of California, to raise a pet cat that resembled a small lion to stress how important it was to keep the lion.

United States Spangled Cats

It was in 1971 that the famous humanist Louis Leakey and the veteran and Hollywood author Paul Casey came together to raise a cat that resembled a hurleagh. Leaky and Casey thought that humans were less likely to buy and carry white fur if their domestic pets wore a similar-looking cloak.

Cassandra Casey started the California Spangled Cat breed by crossbreeding an Abyssinian, a Siamese, an Angora, an African short hair and a B.C. short hair cat. California's Spangled Cat attracted much interest when Casey featured it on the 1986 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue album. For $1400 or $2500 each, a one-week face-to-face coaching sessions with Paul Casey was promoted in California in an effort to collect money to help save vulnerable cat populations in Central and South America.

Cats lovers also took revenge on another stained cat race such as the Oxicat and the Bay Cat, and Casey himself angered Neiman Marcus's managers when he expressed his disagreement that the shopkeeper also sold coatskirts. Nevertheless, the Californian Spangled Cat made such an impact that the demands for her finally slowered the growth of the ad.

The Californian Spangled Cat thus continues to be in danger of being threatened. Leakey and Casey have died in the meantime. Maybe the only thing about the California Spangled Cat that's not fierce is her person. Well-known as loving, kind and convivial, this race spends a lot of quality much patience with its people.

California Spangled Cat is also a very frisky cat, who often sits in high positions and proves her acrobatics. The California Spangled Cat resembles a tiny lead with its long, slender and muscle figure and low swerve. California Spangled Cat fur can be anthracite, blackened, silvery, bronze, target, darker, reddish, darker, blueer, whiter, with well-defined round, quadratic, triangle or stains.

The" wild" look of the cat is rounded off by almond-shaped lobes, recessed toes and high cheek bones. The" Snowsleopard " California Spangled Cat has a white/black fur jacket with dark brown insignia and dark green eye. California Spangled Cat is known to be a fairly healthful cat; no serious genetic damage to the race has been recorded.

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