Buying Rubies in Myanmar

Buy Rubies in Myanmar

Myanmar's gemstone market is one of the liveliest and most active in the world. Burmese rubies - the trade refuses to call them Myanmar - are electric. that are trying to sell tourists in Burma. Distribute rubies. Where are reliable places to buy rubies (not set).

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that are trying to get Burmese tourist sales. Distribute rubies. Where are dependable places to buy rubies (not set). How much is savings made by buying there and not in the US (assuming they are real)? I didn't buy rubies in Burma, but I did some research about it, so look at this information second-hand.

In Bangkok I bought rubies from the jeweller I have been using for over 20 years, SJ World. There I can buy rubies for a quarter of the US retailing rate (real retailers, not bloated jewellers), which is half the US wholesaler rate. Can I get better prizes in Burma? It is not clear that I am suitable for high-quality rubies.

When you are on the ruby bazaar, do a lot of research at home first. "Kathie is right - the only rubies you can legally buy and take out of the shire are from a bureau. Personally, I wouldn't give a dime to the goverment for anything that wasn't substantial.

Didn't know I had to buy at a local shop. I' ve bought some rubies in Burma that have been approved by the state. So much as I didn't want to give any more money to gov't, it is the only way to make sure they are genuine and of good will.

It is cheaper to buy rubies in Burma, but you will never be sure that they are genuine until you get home, and then it is too early to do anything if they are not.

After spending several hrs with a lady who had such a shop, and although she would rather not take anything with her, she stated that she was doing well and could help her with a second home in Thailand for several month of the year. When you buy any jewellery from non-gov't stores, if you are caught getting out of the land, they can and probably they will be confiscating it.

Upon entry into Burma, you must make a declaration of all the jewellery you are bringing with you. |--interesting tale about the jewelry...we weren't asked at all either stepping in or getting out...and we had some jewelry...and some were shopping while there, but not rubies...

And when I made the choice to go to Burma, I also chose not to consciously give funds to the Burmese authorities if I could not. So, I decide not to buy any precious stones. I didn't go to Burma to go shopping or to help the Burmese authorities - and we stayed several nights in Moguk, the ruby mines city.

Also I was worried about buying non-governmental gemstones because I had a trip to Aung San Suu Kyi (perhaps the most unbelievable few hour of my life) and so I knew I was on a watching goverment film. So, I was very cautious not to do anything that could get me into difficulty and buying gemstones from a non-governmental shop is one of them.

gloria-- i think about the governance issue just like you do. Whether or not it is a choice to buy from a local shop is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves, just like whether or not to go to Burma. As far as I know, Aung San Suu Kyi does not believe that any tourist should come to Burma at all and wants them to prefer to remain away, but I do not accept that it is best for her to keep those outside.

Regarding the purchase of rubies or other gemstones, I thought about it and made the choice to do so because I was assured that the vendors made a gain from the sell. I' d have prefered it if the administration hadn't gotten anything, but it wasn't an optional. While we made sure we would stay in private run and fly the private run carrier, I'm not sure that's any way to ensure that the administration doesn't get a goth.

As far as I know, this no longer holds true for single travellers. However, it's a private choice what to do, and I don't blame myself. Bob, if I hadn't explained anything on my arrival, they wouldn't have asked me when I left, but since the Myanmar administration is such a depressing ruling party, I thought it prudent not to gamble and try to circumvent theirs.

It is a matter of choice whether or not to go to Burma or to buy in one of the country's official shops. I' m also guessing Laurie's right to assume that the administration even gets a break from private hotel. It is therefore a choice that everyone must make for themselves.

Having had a get-together with "the lady", I also concluded that it would not be prudent to toy with the administration, so I explained everything. Gloria, I wouldn't be suprised if you were still on the federal watching lists because you were seeing Aung San Suu Kyi.

You' ll probably always have to be very cautious if it is until the present administration is over ('which hopefullyoner rather than later, but I'm not keeping my breath). I' m applying for a Burmese entry permit and we both hope to be reinstated.

The boyfriend who set up the meet is the first Burmese president's daugther (a Shan who was murdered along with Aung San).

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