Buying Gems in Myanmar

Buy Gemstones in Myanmar

Bogyoke Aung San Market is the best place to buy Longyi's! Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Myanmar for my Lady! My friend from Myanmar told me about this when she got 2 sites/stands for her subsidiary who returns to Yangon. Me and my buddies also purchased tracks from a store in the FMI Center. and we have no problem.

We' d rather buy in Yangon than Bangkok.

It is also anticipated that you negotiate in Myanmar, do this with a :-)))) ha ha ha. Be sure to get a copy of the Yangon International Tax Invoice. There' s a test site - excuse me for forgetting, my friend is now in Japan. In Myanmar there are sincere and very kind and kind souls.

You tell Bulgari not to sell Myanmar gems.

Commenting today, Cartier has decided to discontinue the purchase of Myanmar gems with immediate effect. Precious stones that help to finance the continuing Rohingya Muslim holocaust through unbelievable industrial relations with the state army. However, the work has not yet been done - we want every high-end jewellery dealer to follow the same policies.

That is why you must now make the same request to Bulgari. You tell Bulgari to stop using Myanmar war jewels. Established in 1884, Bulgari is an ltalian jewellery and luxurious goods label with a proud record of protection of the weak from prosecution. Balgari followed the Myanmar gem-bycott in 2007 in reaction to action by the army against pro-democracy demonstrators.

Rather than protect the weak, Bulgari now supports the pursuit of Rohingya Muslims with a Myanmar ruby, syrup and saw. Say Bulgari: Please accept a politics of not sell Myanmar jewels of war. We target the businesses benefiting from the Myanmar murders and chaos - the high-end jewellery dealers who finance the Myanmar war.

Burma makes over 95% of the world's ruby and over 99% of high value iodine. The gemstones are considered the third biggest commodity in Myanmar, earning nearly $300 million - and that is only the number. The precious stone industry is dominated by military-related businesses, which control the allocation of licenses and approvals and hold gemstone sales in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, earning tens of billions of dollars.

When we succeed in getting businesses like Bulgari not to purchase precious stones from Myanmar, we will be depriving the army of one of its major revenue streams. Say Bulgari: Please accept a politics of not sell Myanmar jewelry in conflicts. With Myanmar's de facto Aung San Suu Kyi inactive and silent, and those of the world' s leaders, we are putting our global powers where we know we can make a real and real distinction - to the corporations that are currently financing and benefiting from this pursuit.

Stay with us and face Bulgari.

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