Buying Gems in Burma

Buy Gemstones in Burma

Newcomer' guide to selecting gems in Myanmar about the turbulent romantic scandal between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. She was fond of precious and uncommon gems; Burton was possessed by her. One time Richard gave her an 8th 24-carat ring of rubies and diamonds. It was the most perfectly coloured rock I have ever seen," Liz said about the Rubin.

" This" perfect" ruby, which was dismantled here in Myanmar, took four years to find the actres. Thirty three years later, the ring was sold off at a juicy $4. 2 million auction, establishing a prokarate worlds best for a ruby. In contrast to Burton, most expatriates and visitors to Myanmar have neither four years nor a dedicated expert staff to finding a precious stone.

Zoria Gems 4th Gen. jeweller and creator of Zoria Gems, Honey Myint Thaung says there are several ways to shop and keep yourself safe. There' s plenty on Bogyoke Market. "Zoria Gems uses AGGL Gems on Bogyoke Market, which she says is international accredited. In addition to the authentication, the laboratories can provide advice on whether the gems are naturally, synthetically and processed and shed their origin.

Mia Ruby's co-founder, Amber Cernovs, agreed. The gems are sourced from Mogok, a historic mine area about 400 leagues from Yangon. "I' ve been testing her gems with estimators in Australia and the UK and her fame with internationally renowned gemstone masters. "She also makes sure that the gems are quarried in a responsible manner.

It can be a challenge even for someone whose familiy has been in trade for many years to determine the value of a rock. When a shopper seems prosperous, a jeweller can try to increase his cost per karat by up to $500. Knowing the four C's also helps: clearness, cutting, carat and colour.

Fewer traps, the cleaner the rock. Well honed design determines how appealing, long-lasting and brillant the gemstone will be - neither too low nor too low. Many Myanmar merchants want to rate their rocks by their weights, whether the grind is convenient or not.

With the exception of diamond, in all other gemstones the colour is the most important element in the selection of a gem. "Because it' s nice, because you want a souvenir of Myanmar and because you want to help Myanmar.

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