Buy Myanmar Currency

Myanmar Currency Buy

Bankruptcy - Burma travel tips For most of your stay you should be able to count on currency (preferably US dollars). Any visitor who brings more than $10,000 (or equivalent) in a currency other than your own should report this to Customs on arriving or run the danger of being detained. It' s simple to change US dollar into Kyats once in the UK and the currency is generally fairly traded.

Out of concern for counterfeits, US dollar with the characters AB and HB at the beginning of the banknote's top lefthand side are not always used. More and more banks, restaurateurs and businesses are accepting bank and card credits, but the mistrust of e-payments and bank transactions is great.

When you plan to make hotel or restaurant payments with a bank or bank transfer you should call in advance and verify that this is possible. There are many providers who demand a high payment per car. Automated teller machines have become widespread, but not always trustworthy and you should check your trades on a regular basis.

How to get Myanmar in Bangkok?

In Bangkok we spent a whole week over Christmas 2014 and New Year to take a rest from traveling and schedule our first stop in 2015: Myanmar. For a while we remained in the HQ Hostel, which we found on Tripadvisor and recommended for its situation to the homosexual world.

First we had to get a visa for Myanmar and then (as Lonely Planet and other on-line platforms told us) we had to get brandnew, excellent US-Dollars! Burma's bureaux de change are very picky and refuse to accept old banknotes with the smallest creases, tears or creases. As ATMs become more common in major towns, we have found that being equipped with ATMs will make your lives much easy.

The best Bangkok best foreign currency broker is SuperRich International, which can also offer you new US Dollar for Myanmar (most Thailand bankers we have reviewed couldn't quite do this). Super Rich is also ideally situated in the Silom Plaza Building on Silom Road, which is 10-15 minute walking distance from the embassy and closes at 6pm on workdays.

This means that you can arrive at the embassy immediately after you have picked up your visas and passports: There' s no limitation on how much they' re going to trade, so make sure you have enough Thai baht you think they will be covering you for your time in Myanmar. It is also necessary to have your pass. Our forecasts were consciously too liberal to be on the certain side, as the remaining bucks are hardly worthless when traveling.

In general, Myanmar is unbelievably inexpensive, but housing is quite pricey.

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