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Top Robusta green coffee with high quality at reasonable prices. New coffee beans are green when they are removed from the fruits of the tree. It' the roasting process that transforms them from green beans to different shades of brown, depending on your preference. In industry, green coffee simply means unroasted coffee beans (which are ready for roasting). When you grind the brown coffee beans and use them in your morning coffee, they have been roasted, which gives them their colour and taste.

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On products and suppliers: Approximately 80% of these are Liberia coffee beans, 38% are Robustas and 36% are Arabic coffee beans. There is a large selection of ground green coffee beans from biological cultivation, such as green, mixed and flours. Also you can select between Commons, Oils and Gmos.

We have 214 ground raw coffee producers, mainly in Asia. India, Vietnam and Turkey are the main supplier markets, accounting for 63%, 5% and 4% of ground green coffee beans respectively. Biologically ground green coffee is the most common product in the Middle East, Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Guarantee your products by choosing from among 133 with others, 5 with ISO9001 and 4 with HACCP-certifications.

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