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I will be in San Francisco, and if you don't find someone to buy it from you by then, I may buy it. The fares are cheap and faster in Kyat and buses than on trains. Also look at the currency charts from kyat to dollar. Convert money in Bitcoin (BTC) to and from Myanmar Kyat (MMK) with current exchange rates. It will convert the exchange rate of the Vietnamese dong (VND) into Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat) (MMK).

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As the Olympics are a breath of fresh Rio de Janeiro, there has never been a more thrilling period to explore Brazil, from the sandy harbours in the southern hemisphere to the attractions of the Amazon region in the northern hemisphere. Currencies are low: Brazil is Brazil denominated in cash and it is easy to collect it before departure.

Riga, the magic town, was recently chosen European Capital of Culture, and with its mediaeval architectural style and paved roads that easily mix with the freezing, chilly influence of its northern neighbours, it's not difficult to understand why. Currencies are low: As of 2014 Latvia has been using the euros, which means it couldn't be easier to collect some money before your journey.

In 2012, with the lifting of the tourism blackout, travellers from all over the world came to discover the charms of Myanmar. It also has over 1,000 leagues of pristine cliffs and unspoilt shores awaiting to be explored. Currencies are low: Burma uses a mix of Burmese Kyat for domestic shopping and US dollar for hotel, transportation and major outlays.

The best thing to do is to take US Dollar with you and trade it for Kyat as soon as you get there. Sitting in southwest Africa, Namibia is about to blow up on the travel landscape. Formerly a Germany settlement, the land is a captivating mixture of savannas, beach-paradies, and great Europe.

Currencies are low: The Namibia uses both the Namibian greenback and the Cape Rim, and you can use both at the same price. There are no NAMIBE DULES available outside the UK, so it might be simpler to take a local border with you. Though Portugal is world-famous for its breathtaking coast and Algarve shores, there is much more to explore throughout the state.

Lisbon, the capitol, is a cozy oasis of historical, charismatic and night life, while the north of Porto is becoming increasingly popular. Featuring paved alleys and mediaeval architecture, the second town in Portugal is a town that will enchant in 2016 and beyond. Currencies are low: As part of the Euros, Portugal makes it easy for you to collect your money before you travel.

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