Business Visa in Myanmar

Myanmar Business Visa

Visa for Myanmar Note: The visa situation changes regularly, so check the information you read here with your nearest embassy in Myanmar. As Myanmar attracts more and more foreign investment companies, the business visa is becoming one of the most important visas of all Myanmar visa types. Single entry business visa and multiple entry business visa. A business visa is for those who travel to Myanmar for business purposes. Obtaining a Business Visa for Myanmar Download the Myanmar Application Form.

Burma Information on Myanmar Trade Visas

There are two kinds of visas available for Myanmar travelers: Basic entrance visas for 70 days in Myanmar. You can now obtain a 70-day Electronic Bussiness-visas; for more information and to request a residence permit, please visit the Ministry of Immigration's website (processing is usually quick and easy).

A multientry type Myanmar travel permit for a six months or one year residence in Myanmar. As a rule, multiple-entry permits are only issued once you have been issued three commercial permits for admission, although there are exemptions that are taken into account on a case-by-case and case-by-case Basis. For six months and one year, multiple-entry visa applications must be submitted by hand (business cards are only issued for 70 consecutive working day, one-time entry).

In both cases, an official letter of intent from a Myanmar corporation or agency is required. The cost of your long-stay long-stay or long-stay travel permit varies from state to state, but multiple-entry permits are much more costly (a one-year multiple-entry permit cost 24,000 Bahts - about US$670 - at the Myanmar Bangkok embassy).

Trade permits are renewable for $3 per person per working days and must be used within three month of issue. It' s reasonable to use a touristic visum (which does not require an invitation) for a brief or informative commercial trip, although you should not mention'business' when you apply for thevisum.

Touristic vouchers can now be requested on-line and are available for a 28-day holiday, which can be renewed at a price of $3 per night. For more information, please visit our website for your passport. Important facts about Myanmar's visa: For most foreigners a Myanmar travel permit is required. Because of the delicate policy situations in some frontier areas, entering and leaving the country may be restricted: see Arrival and departure by road.

Be in possession of a Myanmar citizenship card for at least six month after your arrival in Myanmar. A complete global listing of Myanmar's consular and embassy offices can be found at the Myanmar Embassy and Consulate.

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