Bus Yangon Kalaw

Yangon Kalaw Bus

By bus from Yangon to Kalaw - in the early morning hour - Kalaw Forum 1 ) I would say unless you have reserved a place in advance and you know that you are comming and you have been able to go to sleep immediately, it would be quite hard to get some rest if you plan to do the walk on the same date as the arrival. The most walks begin between 8.00 and 10.00 o'clock, if you find a place and set up, it is already a good moment to grab your things and go.

2 ) We reached Nyaung Shwe around noon after the trekking/boat trip, but different trekkers may have different routes, so it is best to review the route. We had enough to take the overnight bus to Bagan, however, as it did not depart until 9 pm.

When your timetable is very short, it might be worthwhile to do only the 2-day Kalaw-Trek instead of the 3-day one.

Nights bus from Yangon to Kalaw - Kalaw Message Board

I' d like to know when the bus from Yangon is arriving in Kalaw at 7pm. Allegedly it was supposed to be there until 5am, but I saw other travelers say it would come early and it was wise to book a motel to stay the remainder of the day and wait for a pick-up.....

Do you do trekkings or just sightseeing tours in Kalaw? When you do a trek, you do not need to make a reservation for a few lessons. When you go for a walk in the town, you should reserve a room in a nearby town. We' ll do the trek, so I guess no hotels are necessary, thanks. There' s a teahouse in Augban that's open at nights, but I'm not sure in Kalaw.

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