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Yangon Dawei Bus

Each city has a street with bus ticket vendors or simply ask at your guest/hotel. Dawlamyine Yangon Hi, I intend a route from Yangon to Hpa An to Dawei and back to Yangon. From Yangon to Hpa An you can easily reach by bus.

Myanmar Dawei - The ultimate travel guide

Sometimes known as Tavoy, Dawei is the Tanintharyi Division's formal headquarters in southeastern Myanmar. That part of the land has been banned from the tourist industry for years and as such has preserved an old global attraction and gives the visitor an insight into a more genuine side of Myanmar.

KM0 in the Dawei special economic zone. You' re not going to find much here in the form of resort or holiday packages, although it may evolve in the near term, which means that this is a good season to be there. Throughout the city there are beautiful castles, charming palaces and beautiful, untouched sandy areas around Dawei.

Dawei is the best place to be from November to February, as this is directly after the months of the year. June-October is the wet season in Myanmar, which means that floods are frequent in isolated areas and it can rains every night. Dawei is a relatively new traveler' s paradise in Myanmar, but it has a fairly good choice of shelters.

Another of the other great attractions of Dawei is that you can also hire a seaside cottage that gives you immediate entry to the gold sand for which the city is known. While Dawei does not have a very large choice of restaurants, you will still find a wide range of different cuisine.

You will find here as expected typically Myanmar meals, which are usually very cheap to buy and shellfish are usual here, since Dawei is near the ocean. In Dawei you will probably find other types of cooking, such as Thai as well as some Thai meals, which are offered here due to the variety of cuisines.

It' quite simple to find your way around Dawei, as you can rent a motorbike taxicab or a trimshaw for only MMK 500 for a brief ride. In Dawei, unlike many other places in Myanmar, you will probably want to rent a van, because although you can explore the city center quite simply on foot, one of the big attractions is the remote beaches, which demand a number of bikes.

Dawei can be reached in a number of ways, according to your budgets and itineraries. The most frequent route is the Yangon cross-country bus journey, which lasts between 12-15 hrs, or you can also cross the Kanchanaburi-Phu Nam Ron Boarder Crossing in Thailand, which lasts about 7 hrs.

The bus from Kachanaburi to Phu Nam Ron is about THB 80 and THB 800 from Phu Nam Rome to Dawei. It is also possible to take a bus from Mawlamyine to Dawei, which lasts about 8 hrs and is 12,000 MMK. From Dawei to Thailand you can also take a bus to the frontier city of Htee Kee and there are daily busses between 8am and 9am.

The price of your MMK is about 20.000 MMK and many inns in Dawei will help you to organise your trip in time. Flying from Yangon with Air KBZ or Myanmar Airways is a faster and more comfortable way to get to Dawei. Please be aware, however, that not all of these departures are straightforward and some can stop in Kawthaung or first in Dawei.

There is also a possibility to take a rail from Mawlamyine or Ye to Dawei. There' s also a 24-hour rail service from Yangon to Dawei through Bago, Mawlamyine and Ye. The drive from Myeik to Dawei will take about 4 hrs and the drive to Kawthaung will take about 25 and 10h.

Dawei is a secure place? Myanmar is known as a safer city. However, you should be careful when driving between Dawei and the Thai city of Htee Kee over land, as the street is in mishap. From Dawei to Htee Kee you will also have to go through three intergovernmental controls and two Karen National Union check points, as this part of Myanmar is under the supervision of the Karen National Union.

Nevertheless, the trip from Dawei to other parts of Myanmar is regarded as secure.

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