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from Yangon -> Bagan (Nyaung-U) Bus Ticket Booking The fares are net and include $5 reservation fee, bank transfer fee and bus fare package. Completion of the order is within 4 to 24 hrs, as it must be processed manually to be available. In Myanmar during business hour the bus pass is valid the same date. In Myanmar on Sundays and bank holiday, your reservation will be validated and processed the next Sunday.

Your e-ticket will be made out and sent to your e-mail address for you to board. Our employees are able to help you quickly and easily during Myanmar business hour. It saves you a lot of effort and effort to make an on-line reservation! Just use our quick and simple on-line reservation system and we will organise your event for you.

Our highly qualified staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our bookings.

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Arrive at Yangon International at 13:45 in early January. The employees ofTipAdvisor deleted this article because it did not comply with the policies of the trip Advisor forums. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Y J is 2+1 & Bagan Minn Thar is 2+2 . But I was reading a preceding pole that the timetable is either 8am or 8pm from Yangon, but the guest house only offers me midnight bus. You' re taking your own lives into your own hand when you decide otherwise. On the way from Yangon to Bagan we made JJ and it was quite simply the best bus I have ever seen in Asia.

It' also will stop in every one of the villages between Bagan and Yangon, while Burma's latest popular songs will be heard until 4am.

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Hey! I'm going to Yangon on July 4, I'll be arriving at Yangon airport at 10:30. In the evenings most busses run, not sure if there is an afternoons bus, even if you are arriving around 2am, so no point, you can take the bus later and get there at 5-6am.

Shwedagon area and take the bus to Bagan around 4 pm to 5 pm. This is also the way to do it, if you are arriving, first go to the bus station, probably by cab. Then buy the Bagan overnight bus pass on your way to Bagan or make your reservation in time. Then go to the city centre and discover your days in Yangon, visiting Shwe Dagon, Chauk Htet Gyi, Botahtaung, and downtown, depending on your interests.

At night you drive to the bus station to reach your bus on schedule. The transfer from the city centre to the bus station takes up to 2hrs. With Bagan and Yangon far away, I suggest you try to find JJ Express if there is one. I' m going to take the JJ Express bus during my Myanmar voyage.

from Yangon to Bagan, Bagan to Inle and Inle. They' re all driving at Night.

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