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Nyaung Shwe-Taunggyi Pick-up Station, near Travel Lion Tour Services. Busses are waiting in front of the Aung Mingalar bus station in Yangon. It is GoBus' hope to make it easier for millions of people to travel by bus. Journey with a guide and a small group. We' ve used the JJ Express VIP bus (your hotel can book a ticket for a small commission).

Myanmar JJ Expressway

It is our commitment to provide this services with a package price and maximum comfort for our clients. We offer a coach reservation at a stop, on-line order tracking, e-ticket with warranty in Myanmar. Our IT staff takes care of the reservation system to ensure that the entire system functions smoothly, while developing our system to always satisfy our customers' requirements.

We have a system that monitors the shipment of all tickets to make sure that the entire e-ticket is sent to the client by e-mail and informs us when the client has seen it. Furthermore, we have a 24-hour helpline number so that it can be pre-selected in case of problems.

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Myanmar's 13 Coach Tips: our travel guides for long outings!

There are two important exceptions: busses and squatting restrooms. We' re saving you the detail of our Hocksitztoilet exclusives and giving you instead an overview of something much more useful: how to make the most of Myanmar's surface coaches and, even better, how to get through the long lessons on a schoolbus.

Here is our travel advice and travel advice for Myanmar. Lucky journeys! Coaches are a very common choice in Myanmar. Sitting on a footstool in the corridor of an crowded coach is a thing of the past, as the number of V.I.P. busses available to passengers on public transport is increasing on public transport itineraries.

In Myanmar, V. I.P. coaches are a basic food for travelers and an astonishing choice for long-distance trips around the state. There are a number of benefits to our V.I.P. coach trips: we charged $20 each for a 12-hour night coach from Yangon to Inle and $15 each for an 8-hour daily to Inle.

With or without V.I.P., 12-hour long periods on the coach and sometimes the voyage never seems to end! Let us clarify this early: Myanmar's streets are very different. This was the second half of the Yangon to Inle voyage and the whole Inle Lake to Mount Popa voyage!

lnle Lake: every dent deserves! When you are in this class of coach travellers, be ready to talk for the long trip. There is a small takeaway, usually a slice of fruits and a crispy crisp. There' s something about Burma coaches and the top -performing A/C.

This, in combination with the supplied cover, ensures that you feel comfortable during the entire trip. Refill it off Myanmar and use it to enjoy the long hour between your finish and your final time. A number of coaches are equipped with TV with movies/sound. Seating entertainment: We had seats in our coach, but we had to have our own earphones.

As a rule, the resting places are 2 to 3 hrs apart (you can always ask the rider for times) and are the spring of great excitement for an overseas ride. You should go to the toilets at every occasion, because seriously, there is nothing like taking a bath between stop.

Okay, I promise I won't let you know about our squats, but like the scout, you need to be ready. Crouch. Nobody was promising western-style restrooms at the service stations! Square restrooms usually have foot marks on both sides of the bowl. Please take your own toiletpaper with you, as most restrooms have none.

Resting places in accidental places, squatting restrooms and long trips can only mean one thing: use antibacterial gels for them. It is a traveler's paradise and has probably protected us from extensive, shadyomachs. No, neither did I, but I was happy to download the application for our Myanmar trip. Midnight lavatory stoppages can be a murky business, so use them to find your way and inspect the cabin.

When I lit my flare on the digital toiletseat at a service station and a roach with open hands was awaiting me, I was certainly happy that I did it. Meals are eaten at service areas, but there are no restrooms on the coaches. There are no restrooms on the coach!

It was best to be on the save side and have lunch where all the local people were eating at the bus-stop! Rastst├Ątte Essen: it was tasty! In Camboida we learnt our lesson: beers don't go together with toilet-less busses! We drove 8h between Inle and Mount Popa nearer 10h.

For example, take Yangon, where it was a 60-minute drive from the center of town to the central railway yard. Here you have it, our top 13 survival recommendations for Myanmar. If you' ve been on a cross-country coach ride, what's our best bet?

Burma is astonishing!

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