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Note the following points and your long-distance journey by bus may be more pleasant: Near Travel Lion Tour Services, Nyaung Shwe-Taunggyi Pick-up Station. Buses are waiting in front of Aung Mingalar bus station in Yangon. The bus is probably the most popular means of long-distance transport. The JJ Express is the only large bus from Bagan to Inle Lake.

Travel in Myanmar (Burma) by bus and train

Traveling by bus is the easiest way to reach Myanmar if you have a travel plan - and it is the only way to reach certain goals (unless you are willing to buy a personal car). The bus lines are operated by various privately owned operators and operate in most parts of Myanmar, with the exceptions of some frontier and mountain areas such as Kyaing Tong and Putao (see Myanmar for some backgrounds on this subject).

Notice that the card on this page shows primarily bus lines open to non-nationals, not all bus lines. The main bus stops in important cities such as Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan are far from the city center, so you must buy your tickets here or in advanced at a downtown reservation agency or a downtown resort.

You can buy your ticket at the bus station, but it is advisable to reserve early for favourite destinations (such as Yangon to Bagan, Mandalay or Inle Lake), especially during the high tourism seasons from November to April. Long-haul bus fares generally range between K6,000 and K30,000, according to travel time; busses are usually quicker and less expensive than train fares.

The timetables are unknown to many travellers - long-distance trips often begin between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., so that you can reach your final destinations very early in the mornings. Likewise, the busses sometimes depart very early in the mornings ( 4 a.m.), especially from more distant locations. If you want to book on-line, go here, or go to single places to get information about the bus lines and timetables to certain places.

Please be aware that it is less expensive to buy bus passes in Myanmar than through this website, but we are able to provide a safe on-line reservation. Bigger towns like Yangon and Mandalay have bus nets that are often overcrowded. It can be hard for people to understand the route because the signage is not in English and the numbers are spelled in Myanmar, but with a little help from the natives, coaches can be a funny and inexpensive way to get around.

Long-haul coaches on the main Myanmar lines are advanced, air-conditioned cars, but some older coaches in less tourist areas are in poorer state. For most long distances it is possible to select between different degrees of comfort, which is mirrored in the fare of the tickets. Coaches are very luxurious and usually have deck chairs and 2+1 places (as compared to the 2+2).

More detailed information on the itineraries can be found under the various travel locations. When you travel to or from Yangon, most busses stop for half an hr at 115 Mile, a large set of restaurant and hotel facilities on the Yangon-Nay Pyi Taw-Mandalay Expressway (2. 5 hrs N of Yangon).

There are no restrooms on the coaches. Bottles of tapas and sometimes a small lunch are offered in all of our coaches. Airconditioned busses can get chilly; it is a good suggestion to have another covering coat, although sometimes there are ceilings. The Myanmar popular and rocking video and romance film drama (not the most demanding) is often on coaches.

On some off-roads, very rugged, powdery streets can become inaccessible during the wet seasons, so driving seasons can change. While coaches are generally more dependable than train and boat services, on less well developed lines your bus may need to be cooled down or perform small repair work.

When traveling to less tourist areas of the state ( "border regions" in particular), it is a good option to have copies of your visas and passports that may be required by the authorities.

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