Bus to Ngapali

Ngapali by bus

The town of Thandwe is about four miles from Ngapali beach. Shuttle bus to the fishing village. Ngapali Beach and Mrauk U, Myanmar Ngapali Strand, here we come! In fact, 30 hours is the precise amount of free travel needed to get to Mrauk-U, except that we didn't do it in one go! In fairness, we had the feeling that we wouldn't last that long on a bus in Burma, so we divided the journey in two and paused for two nights.

... At the shore!

Hi palms, 30°C purple colored waters and unusual Cocktail with a small sunshade on top! Ngapali has beautiful sands. It is evident that the Myanmar tribe is willing to do its best to rob a few of its wealthy Thai neighbors in the nearhood. Given the country's many years of difficulty and under-development, we really expect them to be there!

Here we divide a lot of our leisurely swim in the calming ocean and the consumption of tasty shrimps and freshwater fishi. When we had to put up with hell to get to Mrauk U, in these cans they call busses, attacked by disgusting fishy odours, air conditioning in Siberia, barfing fellow travellers and intolerable indigenous sound, it's because (as you may have already guessed) the place is very weird!

Walking in the street is an easy act that is well deserved. Marvelous men. Also in Mrauk U we reach in the midst of a very strange three-day-party. There is no one to tell us the significance.... What we can see is that all the young folks in our cities, clad like unusual gangster gangsters, are gathering on old lorries and driving around and driving around in endless numbers, listening to the latest electric clothes as loudly as possible on lots of solid loudspeakers as they dance like bumped-out sceletons!

Together with the rubbish heaps that decorate the roads, the faint wintry lights and the eternal dusts, it gives the ambience a wealth of extra-ordinary post-apocalyptic touches that would certainly have delighted the movie-maker! Besides, Mrauk U is still on the "distant" side of the land (considering its accessibility), and not many visitors take the necessary amount of leisure to get there, so you don't have so many visitors in the midst of your sights!

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