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Yangon to Hpa An bus. Are buses departing from "Aung Mingalar" station near the airport? Many thanks in advance. One time, when I took a night bus from Hpa-an, the driver ended up leaving me dozens of miles away from where I had asked him to drop me off. Bakepacking through Myanmar (Burma) in Southeast Asia with a budget.

Hpa An to Inle Lake Bus - Kayin State Message Board

Departure at? I' m also going in the opposite way, but I want to know when. Yeah, there was a bus that drove last year, but hasn't seen it lately. I' ve only got 15 working nights in Myanmar, so I can't stay in Hpa An anymore.

In fact, one has to go to the other side Thanlwin Ravar the Island call Bulu.

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In Yangon you can make reservations through your guest house or your accommodation. Well, if not, there are operatives at the main railway yard. I' d say most busses run in the mornings, but there are some overnight busses that I wouldn't recommend. I will be in Yangon at 9:30 a.m. and I will not stay overnight in Yangon.

Well, I suppose I'd just look for an operative near the main railway yard and take the chance of taking the overnight bus if there are no afternoons. The trouble with the dinner bus is you get in around 2:00 a.m. When booking your ticket through the main railway box, you can go to the bus terminal for $1, otherwise you can get a bus from Sule to the bus terminal for the same fare.

Overnight bus from Hpa-an to Dawei

Former Hpa-An with the motorcycle: It was a great day in Hpa-an, but we were thrilled to see some beautiful sandy areas towards Dawei. And we thought this nocturnal bus was an adventurous one, hoping for the best. We' had a terrible cab drive. Returning to the lodge we left and were waiting in the foyer for a trip to the bus terminal.

There were two motorcycle cabs and we got on one and drove to the bus terminal in the centre of the city. They showed us where to go and assisted us in getting our ticket (which had already been bought at the hotel). It was a surprise to us that it was a city bus and not a convenient overnight bus.

Like always none of us Touristy was told anything about this journey, so we prepared for a long, terrible drive to Dawei. We' ve collected more people from Hpa - and things have been sluggish. Approximately one hours southward we stoped in Mawlamyine and the rider shouted "Dawei!

She was in the back and had no place for me, so I could ride in front with the rider. We were taken to the bus terminal where we had to hand in all our photocopy passes. Me and Lena went around buying some damp serviettes to clean the dirt off our faces and ankles.

My last bus I took (Bagan to Yangon) was a large bus with air conditioning and deckchairs. Me and Lena were behind the front seat rider and co-driver. We' came to some kind of check-point and they awoke everyone to get a passport. After arriving at the bus terminal in Dawei, the light came on.

There were some cabbies outside the car. Others stayed in Maungmagan, others in Dawei. Many of us had not reserved a room for that evening. We had reserved a room for the next evening in Dawei at the Shwe Moung Than Inn. Operator waked the staff of the hotels who were asleep in the cloakroom.

They told them we had a next days booking and they gave us a room for the nig. Dawei from Hpa-an by bus at noon. 2 motorcycles, 1 bus, 1 pick-up, 1 vans and 1 cab later.

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