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For detailed timetable and pricing information see below. Thursday evening a colleague from Myanmar helped me to book a last-minute seat in a Shwe Sin Setkyar bus. Guides estimate two to four hours. Two weeks forward, and I was on a bus from Yangon to Hpa-an.

Yangon bus to Hpa'an in the afternoons? - Youth in Yangon (Rangoon) Board

Yangon bus to Hpa'an in the afternoons? Hello arrival around 11 o'clock in Yangon and wonder if there is an afternoons bus 2-3-4 o'clock to hpa'an?only busses I can find are in the early mornings 8 o'clock or 19-20 o'clock, which reach Hpa'an after middle of the night, if not, would it be possible to go first to Bago, see the places of interest there in the early afternoons and from there take the mornings bus to hepagan?

Yangon bus to Hpa'an in the afternoons? Are you coming on your journey to Hpa an first, I mean the next dawn buses: Yangon bus to Hpa'an in the afternoons? Yangon bus to Hpa'an in the afternoons? Yangon bus to the afternoons? Hello, are there bus services from Hpa to Yangoon during the daytime?

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An Myanmar - The ultimate travel guide

Known as a traditional south Karen city, Hpa An is definitely one of the farther away from the well-trodden paths in Myanmar. Featuring some scenic scenery, enchanting couples and many other activities in and around the city, there is enough to entertain most folk for a whole days or so, while others remain longer to savour the tranquil and relaxed ambience.

It is the best holiday period in the tourist seasons from November to February, when the good meteorological condition reaches its highpoint. Summers bring with them the wet seasons, while the famous arid seasons are known for clear sky, warm temperature and sun.

Like all of Myanmar, you should be conscious of the dusty and hot weather that the drought bring, but it's a good and enjoyable period. There are only about ten ways to stay in the city that can be reserved on-line, so it makes sense to be a little organized and make early bookings as the tourist industry in the region is growing and more and more travelers are moving away from the well-worn trails between Yangon, Inle, Bagan and Mandalay.

Given the city' s dimensions, it is possible to find many good dining opportunities in Hpa An, where you can savour many of Burma country cuisine. Savour curry like e.g. darl with dumpling and lots of home-stuff. The hygiene levels may differ from those at home, so be careful when you eat on the streets of Hpa An, and it's a good idea to stay in places that are loved by the natives to give yourself the best shot at preventing upset!

Since Hpa An is a relatively small city, you don't have to depend so much on local transportation or cabs to get around. In fact, most individuals decide to buy their own bikes, whether they rent a motorcycle or a bike and move around on their own. You can also find tuk-tuks for some of the most common tourist trips, such as the route between the footbridge, various hotel and the bus shelter.

This makes it much simpler to get between Hpa An and other favourite tourist locations, and its position near the Thai boarder also makes it a favourite stopover for those traveling further in Southeast Asia. Thison and Yangon are about six or seven hour away in one way, while Mawlaymine is only a few hour away and can even be accessed by boot for a scenic shift off the dubious streets of Burma.

Myawaddy is another favourite holiday spot from where it is only a few kilometres to the Thai frontier at Mae Sot. There are several ways to get to and from Hpa An, although most travellers take the bus. Coaches are widespread, relatively secure and inexpensive compared to the country's standard, although they can be sluggish on some routes and sometimes take between four and five hour estimations of when you can anticipate a trip.

Between Hpa An and Kyaikto there are three to four air-conditioned busses a daily service, which last about four hour and are about $5 USD, while it is even less expensive to take the famous Hpa An - Yangon itinerary. It makes sense for many people to go from Mawlamyine to Hpa An and on to Yangon, as many busses and yachts are available and it is both economical and time-saving.

It' simple to buy your ticket through a hotel or travel agent in the city and makes a nice break from traveling by street, with the scenic scenery you'll see along the river. It' possible to take a bus and if you have little to spare, this may be the best choice, but if you have spare minute, the boot is a favourite one.

Accessibility to good healthcare can also be challenging, although proximity to Yangon is a useful thing.

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