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From Mandalay to Bagan my bus trip was full of interesting encounters. Mandalay Schedule - Bagan Message Board Anyone know where to get a schedule for the buses from Bagan to Mandalay? CanĀ“t Waiting for the detail! So if you haven't already checked already threaded onto coach consultants about travel/bus reservations in April, suggest you do so. Hello TT, For this line the last schedule is 17:00.

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Boat trips from Mandalay to Bagan in Burma

Travelling by ferry is one of the best ways to explore Myanmar. Welcome of the day at Irrawaddy River in Mandalay. This year, tens of thousands of travellers will flock to Myanmar to take a look at the old churches and the famed warm welcome that has been kept in seclusion for so long.

Unfortunately, traffic has not kept up with the stream of tourists and it still continues to take quite a while to move between towns that are very tight. That was the transport quandary we had to face before we decided to incorporate shipping into our agenda. From Mandalay we had to go to Bagan, but the cost of the flight was out of the question and neither the long coach nor the old trains provided a convenient or effective alternative (as we would later find out on the trip!) that would leave the Irrawaddy River for a very sluggish but relatively pleasurable one.

As more and more travel agencies are working on the Irawaddy and the guides are already outdated, I wanted to give a full report about our journey with MGRG Express (Myanmar Golden River Group) to help other travellers make an educated decision. We had two lunches, refreshments and drinking and drinking wells.

Since our journey at the end of 2013, the fares have been stable based on what other travelers have been telling us. A part of the path around the side of the ship was open and had no security railings - be aware, you don't drop over board! Some mosquitos we saw on the waters as we waited for the descent, but they were quickly blowing away by the wind of the stream as we were setting out.

If you travel on the Irrawaddy, you should take a hot coat of clothes and a sun cream on top of your backpack! In the mornings, employees walked around to take orders for dinner. Employees were pleased to fulfill Ryan's desire for vegetable pasta (Ryan is hypersensitive to crustaceans and found it simplest to order Myanmar vegetable meals instead of looking at the detail of good fish/bad fish).

Beverages and refreshments were free and large volumes of the Mandalay were available for about 1,500 Kyat. He tastes the Mandalay beers. Some of the things that donated us to taking the craft as a means of transport was the lively guide bookings about seeing so much of the scenery and lively rivers activity as you were sailing along.

Mandalay is very busy by the waters. It is one of the most popular sights of Mandalay. Sailing under the Mandalay Bay bridges, we crossed stunning gold peaks in the hill. However, in the course of the daily broadened the riverbank, until the shores lay so far apart that one could see only its weak form in the faraway.

Aside from the sporadic town or the cows, there was little to see for most of the journey. Quiet and tranquil days on the rivers. MGRG Express was a good choice - the personnel was kind, the services were on time and the vessel was quite comfy.

In Myanmar, I would urge everyone to take part of their trip on a riverboat. While the trip went by in tedium and we didn't see as much as we had been hoping for, it was still a beautiful way to see the landscape - and I trust you like it too!

Mandalay Bagan travel resources. Would you like to learn more about MRGR and other riverboats in Myanmar? View this list on Trip Advisor. Would you like more Myanmar inspirations? Would you like to know more about the different transport possibilities in Myanmar? We spent the night in Mandalay at the Mandalay View Ind.

View ratings and look for deals on Trip Advisor, Expedia and Hotels Combined. We lived in Bagan at Bagan Resort Amazon, which was really astonishing! Don't believe us - on Trip Advisor, Expedia and Hotels combined you can see what everyone else thinks about it.

We would be pleased to get in touch with you! We' ve got more traffic than anything on the blogs and we're so thrilled that so many of you are coming to Myanmar! We would like to know about your journey and especially your thoughts about travelling on the Irrawaddy.

Well, at least the ship didn't seem crowded....love the pictures! You' re right, the barge wasn't even loaded. I' ll be in Mandalay in July 2014 and I' m planning to go to Bagan by ferry. I wish you a great journey and I can't wait at all to know how it's going!

If there are any Mandalay or Bagan issues I can help with, let me know. Loving those interwoven fits on the barge. Please give me a hyperlink to the Myanmar Golden River Group website - I can't find it! Since I am currently working on a route for my journey next month in Novembre, it was very informative.........

I am interested in the Mandalay to Bagan trip on this cruiser in November next year. I' m a woman, 69 years old, alone, but travelling. We' saw men of all age on the ship, includin' a gentlemen in the'70s. But the only part of the trip that could be a little tough is getting off when you go from the ship to the water.

I am a big chick and I've done it - I would ask the crew to take your pockets for you so you don't have to wear them on your way out or balancing them. Thank you for your MGRG; do you know the fare differential? could you tell me when you are leaving early in the mornings, the cab or the time of your arrival in Bagan; thank you!

Arriving in Bagan around 5:00-530. After your journey, please re-register to let us know how your journey went and if there is any new information or updating about the same. I am so happy that the price has stayed steady in the last year and I can't await to know more about your trips through Myanmar.

Me and my friend are planing a journey to Myanmar, Thailand and hopefully HK. I did a great deal of research on the possibilities of travelling, and that was really useful information. You think the boatservice is still available? Hello Dominique - I am so happy to listen that this song is useful for you.

I' m dying to know how your journey's going! Reader reports that the boatservice is still operating at the same price (about $45US if you buy directly, about $50US if your guesthouse picks it up for you). We' ll be in Myanmar this past sommer and I think we' re going to take this one way and then go back the other way.

I' m guessing since it was a creek trip, it was relatively quiet? but not usually along rivers ideals. In all honesty, there is no motion sickness on the riverbank. Firstly, the sea is very quiet and the ship is a large, somewhat older ship (key, because this type of ship is located a little lower and lower in the sea, which makes it less top-heavy and therefore fluctuates much less).

If there were ripples (like on another vessel, which was rare), you could see the scene from a distance of a few miles and respond accordingly. but I' m a little jumpy because I' m going to spend 10 hrs on a rowboat.

Have you noticed anyone sick with traveler' s disease or is the flow completely quiet? However, the stream is so quiet (and the ship so big and slow) that it was practically not possible to see any movement, and one always has a clear sight of the riverbanks.

When you are used to drink ginger ale to keep your tummy in order, you may have to look for it a little in Mandalay, as there are none on the river. I can' t recall seeing any in the Mandalay stores, but I wasn't looking specifically for them.

HI, thank you for the beautiful pictures and descriptions of the cruise from Mandalay to Bagan. We' ll definitely make this journey, hopefully there will be no problem with the flooding. I would like to know how your journey is going and if there is any further information you think should be added to this article.

We have seen stories of the floods and I know they have disturbed practically every facet of living in Burma. Hopefully things will soon get better for everyone's security, well-being and travelling pleasure. Can' t wait at all to hearyou' been on your journey to Burma. Secure Travelling! will be in Burma for 6 nights in May.

4 day bagan stop in Mandalay. We wish you a pleasant journey! I' d been looking forward to taking the ship during our last journey to Myanmar (October), but due to lack of schedule I could not. I' ve been looking forward so much to hear a new boating review!

I' m so glad you were enjoying your stay in Myanmar. Living/working in Yangon and my folks visit Mandalay while I'm not escorting them to Mandalay, I arrange for them to go there for a full days to research and then get the ferry to Bagan. Could you tell me in which guesthouse you lived in Mandalay and if you would tell a friend about it?

Will you also organize a full outing for my folks around Mandalay and this cruise to Bagan? We spent the evening in Mandalay at the Mandalay View Inn (you can find Lonely Planet's here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/myanmar-burma/mandalay/hotels/mandalay-view-inn). It was only one and we had a good time.

Personnel were kind and supportive and the rooms were neat and cosy. Is this the most beautiful place I've ever lived? They were very supportive to organize our ticket for the ship, and they also packed breakfast for us when we had to get to the coach VERY early.

I' m not sure if they would be able to organize a full excursion, but I guess they would be, considering their readiness to help and effectiveness with the cat. Beautiful descriptions of the cruise. I' m going to Myanmar on February 11th and plan exactly the same journey from Mandalay to Bagan.

We' re planing this cruise in October for our twilight week, but we'll take a big case, about 75cm x 75cm x 30cm, with a weight of 20kg. You think it'd be possible to get this on and off? You think the crew will be able to take this on board for us?

This is the best holiday I can think of - Happy birthday on your forthcoming wedding! First one shows the ship at daybreak in Mandalay - that's the kind of entry you can have. If you end up in Bagan, there is, as I remember, no similar little "bridge" - the personnel laid down a few broad plank.

It seems to me I remind myself that the personnel was there to help with my pockets, because I seem to be remembering that I did not want to part with my own, because my pride was helping with my well being. So, between you, your new husband and the personnel, I believe this is going well (though, for the record, I' d recommend all travellers never accept that personnel are there to help with pouches and you should never be traveling with something you can't bear with ease).

In the second picture you can see the specific stages from the Mandalay street down to the ferry. I think this is a bigger challange than getting in and out. So, make sure that this trip includes down stairs to get on the ferry, and then, when you arrive, there are dirt roadways.

There was no on-line help on the free baggage allowance for these riverboats and you really did help! I' m looking at the trip to Bagan from Mandaly this December with my man and 2 kids 15 and 16 years. Do you think teenage boys are gonna be okay?

Initially it flew from Rangoon to Nuang U and on to Bagan. Well, I think teens would be good on the barge. I' m in the middle of my Myanmar journey and I'm really upset. Your blog has been very useful. Have you noticed anyone else with a case and would it make traveling much more uncomfortable?

In general, however, I would say that there is a tendency for travelers all over the globe to use normal luggage much more than rucksacks.

If this were the case for those who are travelling to Myanmar, I would think most of them would be travelling in suits. Surely with the inclusion in overseas tourist there have been in recent years, I am hopeful that no one would be suprised to see you travelling with a trunk.

I would also suggest to take only one case with you, with which you can cover shorter distance if necessary (e.g. climb the steps from the landing stage up to the boats office). I come from Canada - it seems as if the US dollar is much more omnipresent there in Myanmar, so I am planning to bring some US dollars.

We' ve kept them crisply in a small hard cover tourist guide. At the Mandalay International Airports we made an trade for Kyoto and we exchanged some more in the Yangon area. I' m happy to find this page because I tried to find a cruise from Mandalay to Began for this December.

I' ve been hearing so much about the landscape by the riverbank. All information where to spend the night in Mandalay and Began is welcome. I am so enthusiastic to be hearing about your forthcoming journey - and even more enthusiastic that you found all the other issues (and my answers!) so useful.

I have been a travelling blogsger for over 5 years and this is by far the most loved contribution on the site - and that couldn't make me feel much better. At Bagan here is a hyperlink that describes the best trip we've ever had - a hot-air ballooning at dawn over the temple.

Come back and let us know how your journey went!

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