Bus from Yangon to Thailand

Yangon to Thailand bus

The bus is the best way to travel, although a train ride is good in some places. Yangon to Bangkok bus? - Thailand Forum Yangon to Tangkok bus? Anybody know if there's a bus from Yangon to Bangok? Yangon to Tangkok bus?

Yangon to Tangkok bus? There is no bus from Yangon to Thailand, but it is possible from Yangon to Thailand, not every day. Yangon to Tangkok bus?

There''s no bus between the 2....You can take the Myanmar side from Yangon to Myawaddy, on the boarder, then another bus on the Thai side from Mae Sot to Bangkok..... Yangon to Bangkok bus? Yangon to Bangkok bus? I want to drive it in early 2017 as the new street on the Burma side is open; how simple is it to switch between the check points at the Mae Sot intersection?

By bus from Yangon to Bangkok? very easy....everything above...there is no'no man' land' at Mae Sot to Myawaddy border...you just cross the viaduct over the riverbank. Thailand immigration on one side of the viaduct, Burma on the other. Yangon to Bangkok bus? Yangon to Bangkok bus? also......if you choose to use the stock taxi, they are waiting on the road not far from Burma's immigration department.

Yangon to Bangkok bus? yes, there is a bus from Yangon to BBK (or otherwise) !! I am here because I wonder about an interurban bus between Bangkok and Yangon. You reproy is really childlike and overweening and it is YOU who make me ask if you have won one of the fundamental advantages of traveling: the expansion of our mind.

From Bangkok to Yangon by cab, flights from the airport to Yangon starting at TB 1342.25

There are almost two dozen departures a day by a fistful of airlines from the two Bangkok airport and flight fares from THB1,000/USD35 in one direction, making it the most sensible way to fly between Bangkok and Yangon. Soul adventurers who want to go country and make one or two stopovers to explore a few new places can get to Yangon simply by using busses and railways or a bus and train service.

The flight from Bangkok to Yangon takes 1½ hours. Some of the cheapest offers are provided by low-cost carriers that operate from Don Mueang International Airfield. The Plusher Thai Airways and Bangkok Air flights from Suvarnabhumi International are at least three times more costly than the low-cost members of the Thai Airways and Bangkok Air clubs (from THB6,000/USD170). Your economics category is definitely more convenient than what low-cost carriers provide, and they come much more convenient when you make a stopover in Bangkok and come to Suvarnabhumi from elsewhere.

Yangon International Yangon International is located 17 km from Yangon Central Station. There is no bus or rail service to the terminals, but you can still get to the town by bus or rail if you have to walk or take the rail.

The N51 bus leaves from the Sel Maing Kone bus stop for Suli Paya. There is a bus stop about 2.5 km from the terminals. Pa Ywet Seik Kone, the nearest round railway terminus, is about 2 km away. There is a MMK100 fare to get you to the main railway stop.

Please note that the offical taxicab fare from the international airports is MMK8.000/USD8. A trip from Bangkok to Yangon by land only makes perfect business if you want to take a rest on the way, for example in Mawlamyine, Hpa-An or Thaton, or if you want to experience the atmospheres of the frontier cities Mae Sot in Thailand or Myawaddy in Myanmar.

Thailand is currently the only place where foreign nationals can come to Burma without a visa. Laos is likely to follow soon, and with some preparatory work that requires a visa, foreign nationals from China and India can also come to the state. They should be able to copy the authorization letters you get and present them on arrival.

Touristic e-visa allows you to remain in the state for 28 consecutive nights from the time of crossing the frontier. You can use three Thai-Burma checkpoints. They are - from southwards to northerly - Ranong (Ranong)/Kawtaung; Mae Sot (Tak)/Myawaddy; and Mae Sai (Chiang Rai)/Tachileik.

When you plan to drive up the countryside to Yangon, the most comfortable frontier checkpoint is Mae Sot-Myawaddy. From Bangkok to Mae Sot there are no problems: Thailand's capitol is linked to the frontier city via a number of bus services and a number of connections every day. The only carrier that operates air services from Bangkok to Mae Sot is Nok Air, which operates from Don Mueang International and often offers services below THB 1,500 (around USD 42) and almost always below THB 2,500 (USD 70).

Busses to Mae Sot leave from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, Morchit. Bangkok-Mae Sot is 500 km away and the journey by bus takes between eight and eleven-hour. The quickest way is to choose more costly V.I.P. busses and jump over the cheaper off-ramp busses that make many bus and coach trips on the way.

The price varies greatly from THB300 to THB700. The Mae Sot airport and the inter-provincial bus station are both on Route 12, about 4 km from the frontier. Motorcycle taxi and tuk-tuks are available to get to the frontier. Waiting lines at the Mae Sot-Myawaddy checkpoint can be very long, but there are marked doors for aliens, which means you won't waste much of your precious travel times on customs post.

From Burma's side of the boarder, go one kilometer to the bus terminal or take a motorcycle cab - they are available everywhere directly after the entry cabins. From Myawaddy the only means of transportation is the bus. Myawaddy's Dawna Mountains highway has been asphalted in recent years, so the bus ride is not as rough as it used to be.

From Myawaddy you can first get to Mawlamyine (170 km, 5 hours) and then take a 10 hour long bus from Mawlamyine to Yangon (from MMK20,000/USD17) or a bus on the same line (300 km; 7 hours). Busses to Yangon leave every hour from the central bus terminal on Highway 8, 100 meters eastwards of U Kandi Pagoda, and provide very reasonable rates.

Alternatively, you can take a bus to Thaton or Hpa-An (180 km; 5 hours) and take a bus or rail from Thaton/Hpa-An to Yangon (five to six hrs by rail or bus). Either Mawlamyine or Thaton make a nice stop on the way to Bangkok, with Hpa-An, 50 km eastwards of Thaton, which also deserves a better view.

You can also take a bus directly from Myawaddy to Yangon (10-12 hours). Until recently, Yangon was the only gate to the land for any foreigner. There are now a number of Mandalay connections and a number of Thai crossing points are open to all. But Myanmar's former capitol, Yangon, will remain a must on any Myanmar route.

As a crucible of civilizations, Yangon was influenced and absorbs English, Hindi and Canadian. As one of the most expansive towns in Southeast Asia, Yangon is conquering the heart with its colorful blend of gold peagodas, native exotics and a sincere smile with blood-red teeths occupied with masticating walnuts.

Although a few years ago many limitations for overseas travellers were lifted and you don't get mandatory detoxification of the web when you visit Yangon and the whole region, there are relatively few internat. The Yangon is a great base for any trip through Burma.

There' s a line that connects Yangon with the capitol Naypyidaw and continues to Mandalay, an ideal starting point to explore the old towns of Sagaing, Amarapura or Mingun. The Shwe Nyaung, near Inle Lake, takes a full day rail ride. Thandwe is served from Yangon (for Ngapali Beach), and Thandwe, Sittwe and Mrauk U can be accessed by bus (the latter two need to be travelled via Pyay).

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