Bus from Yangon to Pyay

From Yangon to Pyay by bus

to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? - Cameroon Message Board to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? What about a bus from Bagan to Pyay for a whole bus ride, one or two nights and then another bus to Rangoon. to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? There is a bus to Pyay at 1.

00 pm which arrives at about 10.30 pm.

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From Yangon to Bagan on the way to Mandalay

The last item ended with the start of our rucksack journey back to Yangon, after a 5-day journey to Kyakityo and Mawlemyine. We will see more of Yangon's downtown and then take the bus to Pyay (also known as Prome during the Spanish colonisation ) to see the pyu town of Sri Kestra.

Then we drove to Magway (Magwe) for a brief night to see the mud volcanoes of Mindobu before we took the bus to Bagan, where we spent 4 days before we reached Mandalay. 4 Pyay, 5 Magway (Minbu), 6 Bagan, 7 Mandalay, 8 Chuang Tha Beach (Pathein).

Mawlamyine bus arrived in Yangon at about 1 pm, but we didn't know that Aung Mingalar bus terminal was 45 min from the city centre (although it took us an hours because of the traffic). It should not take more than 8-9,000 kyats to get to the city centre. We' d already reserved a room in a motel before leaving Yangon for our last visit to the May Fair Inn ($25 per night).

If you arrive by bus, drive from the bus terminal to your accommodation and stay there..... I can suggest a few possibilities if you are looking for a good grocery store in Yangon city centre.... Supermarkt 1: On the same street as the Grand Hôtel, on Bo Aung Kyaw Street, southbound, just before Strand Rd.

Grocery store 2: Gamone Pwint Merchant Road. Grocery store 3: On Montgomery Road, opposite Baghdad you will find a fashionable retail centre. The best grocery store we found, near Traders Hotel and Scotts Market. Like, the forty-fourth crossing on Merchant Road. The Merchant Road radiates bright red in the evenings.

The next mornings we had some prizes for busses to Pyay at the May Fair Inn. We' ve succeeded in booking a bus from Aung Mingalar railway to Pyay for 6,000 each. After a walk through the city centre we left for The Strand for afternoon tea at about 4 pm.

Situated on the beach is a great old 1901 style beach-house. Rooms go for anything from $400 a day! Considering this, this is the top resort in Yangon / Myanmar and the same would be twice as expensive in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Shortly after lunch we reached Pyay and booked our bus tickets for 2 to Magway (5,000 Kyat each) before we drove into the city to look for a place to stay for our 2 afternoons.

We' ve found some choices that have been suggested to us in the Lonely Planet Guides. It has a couple of guesthouses spread all over the city that are room with separate bathrooms, which goes for $10 per room. However, we want budgetary convenience and in Pyay you will pay a minum of $30 per person per city.

We didn't waste any of our fucking minutes, so we went out for dinner around the nook. A number of brewery stops are located around the central traffic circle. For the first morning the wheather turned against us, so we thought we'd stay until the next morning to see the places that Pyay had to offer.

Then we went into the city in the direction of the traffic circle and asked the locals for'Sri Kestra'. There, we payed our entry fee and the rider got help from the museum, where he could visit the larger sight. There are hardly any aliens around Pyay and especially in this area.

Eventually we asked to be returned to the city and accepted that 5,000 Kyats would be returned to the city where we found them. First we came back to the city half way and were taken to another old stupa. It was very grateful and shouted to the loudspeaker who I was, where I came from and how much I had made.

After we were done, we thought the pickup would take us further into the city. But a false interpretation means that we should be paying more for this privileges (the city was only a few mile away) and wanted 7,000 Kyat. Our souvenir shop is located in the middle of the city. The monks help us to find another pickup truck for 200 Kyat each.

So, if you plan to attend this archeological site, use a cab from your motel. When we got back to the city, it began to rainstorm and we drove to a luncheon before we drove back to the city. In the evening we received a suggestion from the Lonely Planet Guidebook "Hline Ayar".

It' supposed to be on the riverbank, with good dinner and 7pm real time tunes. Saturday evening, so there was a lot of action. You can trust the Lonely Planet-Guide that he has something like this in his "Top-Picks" from Pyay! However, we went back into the room to get an early evening before our trip to Magway...

Bus terminal is down the street from the city centre (which isn't much!). We' ve chosen to spend the evening at the Barbones, because the last resort was 40 dollars a day, well over ours! A motorbike taxis at the bus terminal will take you to the right place.

This city has only a few choices, and this is a respectable $15 per room per night for a double room with common bath. At the end of the street there is a new commercial centre with a large grocery shop, an electronic shop, high quality clothing and a café that offers milk shakes and basic meals (it also has WiFi).

Across from the centre there is a proper brewery serving all the dishes of the time. Minbu's small city is no exception: the scarce geologic deposits of volcanic sludge are always a landmark, and the sparkling, fluid debris of Minbu is no different. Sludge volcanos are produced from methanic gas entrapped deeply underground, which is pressed to the surfac.

We went back to the motel for an early evening after having supper at the same brewery where we had our lunches, as always for another ultraharres. A thing to consider before moving on is to understand the area and the location of each city in the Bagan area.

Situated in the northernmost part of the old town around the Bagan-Temples. Lodging can be booked for only $15 per person per day for a naked guest house. When you take a bus to Bagan, unless it expressly pulls up elsewhere... You will find yourself here. The Nyaung-U is the friendliest young traveler, with pubs along the major streets and more comfort than Old & New Bagan.

It is also the farthest from the major tourist sites. It used to be the capital for 100 years. This means until the local people were ordered by the army to move out in the 1990s and move to a new township named "New Bagan". When you want to look at $100+ properties for your visit and be the nearest to the Bagan Temples area.....

The old Bagan is your best chance. It is a bustling old city with a major street where most restaurants are situated. We' re staying here and you can see about the lowest priced hotel in our last article Our first evening in Bagan and the sundown. After not noticing that the bus didn't stop in New Bagan even though it was passing through the city, we reached Nyuang-U!

One tip if you are planning to get a property on your return..... know a checklist of places you should try before your return. I' m not speaking of what is in Lonely Planet.... because these are overpriced and have no uptime. In our first hotelier we were taken for our foolishness in relying on our cabbie after we found out that the hoteliers in the Lonely Planet Guidebook were fully sold out and out of our priceworth.

However, go a little down the street and you will find other beautiful and empty properties, half the cost! However, after we got used to our motel, we chose to go to Swesandaw Paya to watch the sundown. It is one of the best places to see the renowned sundown over Bagan.

Prepare to await masses of people from the busloads of geriatric patients on the same trip. We could waste the Lonely Planet travel guidebook for imprecise / outdated information about properties.

For the Bagan Temple area, 1 point of interest along with reasonably precise hiking trails. There is also a shortlist of less employed Paya's (pagodas) to observe the sundown. In Bagan on the 2. days we hired electric bicycles with a reach of 25 - 30 mile and a speed of maybe 20 mile/hour.

You gave us the chance to journey more quickly through the major sanctuary areas and to tour more land, as we only had 2 full day of our stay, so we wanted to make the best of it. You' ll have them until 7pm, so you'll have more than enough to see enough of them before you get stunned by the same attractions!

There are many closed or difficult to reach places around Bagan. Luckily, there may be a keymaster around to open the temple for you. We had a very short-lived experience in Bagan. On the third was in Bagan when we visited a few Buddhist monasteries, but came back quite early to just chill out.

We have spent the last 10 month looking at churches, pagodas, stupas, relicts and remains and last year we experienced an experience in Southeast Asia, where we went to visit Laos and Cambodia..... The decision against the boat was made because it was costly to continue, costly (to the harbour) and took much longer than a bus.

With 9,000 kyats each, our bus tickets from Old Bagan > Mandalay were one of the most expansive on our itinerary. For this we were expecting some luxuries, as it is the major tourism itinerary and costs a heap. Much lacking..... Mandalay was the worse thing we experienced.

At first we were collected in an old pick-up to get us to the bus terminal, without seating and far too many in number. Then the bus we took from Bagan had a broken down conditioner, small pockets behind which everyone was sitting who wanted to move their chair back, which crushed my feet.

These guidebooks are from a three-part journey through Myanmar (Burma), please see the following guidebooks for more information and inspirations for your outings! Would you like to see our other travel books on Myanmar?

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