Bus from Yangon to Ngapali

From Yangon to Ngapali by bus

Fly to Yangon by bus from Thandwe, departure date is THB 477.44 How to buy Yangon - Thandwe ticket? What is the length of the Yangon - Thandwe line? There are 267 km of routes. No earlier than 06:45, no later than 16:30 hrs.

there. The Yangon - Thandwe line is operated by Myo Sat Thit, Myanmar National Airlines, Myanmar Airways Intl, Air KBZ.

A cheap bus trip to Yangon - Thandwe costs 12,64 (US $ 14,58) from Myo Sat Thit (11h 30m), while the most fancy and probably the best one is 159,84 (US $ 184,33) from Myanmar Airways Intl, which goes 50m on time. A number of providers offer snack bars, others stop at a food court on the street (some also offer a lunch in the fares).

In order to have a secure and convenient journey to Yangon - Thandwe, you can select the best valued tours and give your own rating.

Coaches & Bus Tours - Yangon to Ngapali Beach

Thandwe is the city on Ngapali Island and is not part of Myanmar's railways. Nearest to Nagapali is Pyay, which is about 230 km from Ngapali-Strand. The best way to get from Yangon to Ngapali is either to take an in-house plane (these are very expensive) or a bus, which is a very convenient way to get to the shore.

From Yangon to Ngapali Beach by bus is 11 hrs 30 min to drive 392 km. We have two daily bus connections from Yangon to Ngapali Beach, which you can reserveĀ on-line. You can use the search box below to find your way from Yangon to Ngapali Beach.

Buses to Ngapali Airport leave from Aung Mingalar Highway bus station in Yangon. Yangon bus will take you to any Ngapali Beach resort. The Ngapali is a 12 km long coast with great promise of becoming an international seaside resort when the country's policy environment is better suited to the tourist industry.

It is a nice and clear sandy spot and you can go swimming in the ocean. Major problems hindering the growth of Ngapali Beaches (in additon to the policy issues) are the traffic connections - the only options available are a low speed bus ride or a very costly plane ride - and the lack of cheap, local accommodations and restaurants.

While there are some less expensive guest houses in Ngapali Beach, the best you can get is a big supporter and a cot for less than $20$ per person per city. To get proper accommodation at Ngapali Beach in one of the mid-range resort, such as Pleiades View Resort, a $135 to $150 per person per day is required.

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