Bus from Yangon to Hpa an

from Yangon to Hpa

I've done a lot of research. The next adventure came: the bus to Yangon. Timetable from Yangon to Hpa An - Myanmar Forum

Do not go to the bus terminal where you could stay all or part of the days to get the information. In Yangon you can make reservations through your guest house or your accommodation. Well, if not, there are operatives at the main railway yard. I' d say most busses run in the mornings, but there are some overnight busses that I wouldn't recommend.

I will be in Yangon at 9:30 a.m. and I will not stay overnight in Yangon. The original idea was to visit the round trip and the Swedish Railway Passenger Bridge before I took the bus (if available) to Hpa An in the early evening so that I could get to Hpa An before noon.

Well, I suppose I'd just look for an operative near the main railway yard and take the chance of taking the overnight bus if there are no afternoons. The trouble with the dinner bus is you get in around 2:00 a.m. When booking your ticket through the main railway box, you can go to the bus terminal for $1, otherwise you can get a bus from Sule to the bus terminal for the same fare.

Go to Hpa-an: Ascending hills, holy caverns and long roundabouts

As with many of the week-end destinations that appear treacherously near Yangon on a card, a day out to Hpa-an lasts longer than one would wish for a week-end outing from the city. Visiting the state of Kayin is better for a public holidays week-end if you can get off work on Friday morning.

Hpa-an bus passes can be purchased at the Aung San Stadium for rides from Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal on the north side of the town. Yangon tonight busses leaving at 9am. Top-of-the-line ticket from K2,500 to K3,000, a prize that comfortingly covers the cost of your living comfort.

Surroundings have been suffering from the many travellers who make their way to the sacred site, who do not care to enlarge the throw along the itinerary. Back on the street we go from Mon State to the neighboring Kayin State. Hpa-an Lodge, recently opened, is a little difficult to find and may take a few phone call at reception, but it's definitely a good idea to stay.

The lodge is located at the foot of the ascending Zwegabin mountain and has 18 cabins and two other large cabins with three double-rooms. Hpa-an hills' major attractions are burrows with buddhistic shrines and lofty Buddha-pictures. There is a day trip starting early in the mornings from Soe Brothers Guesthouse in the Hpa-an town centre, although this makes the town appear bigger than it is.

This full-time trip will take you to about eight caverns before returning to the guest house, a popular backpack tourist who is easily paid for but probably hasn't been enhanced since Myanmar was known as Burma. We can also rent motorcycles to explore the area and organise common vehicles for those who wish to travel to the Thai frontier.

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