Bus from Yangon to Dawei

By bus from Yangon to Dawei

From Yangon you can fly to Dawei, then by bus, train or private driver to Ye. My last night bus (Bagan to Yangon) was a large bus with air conditioning and reclining seats. Buses from Yangon stop at the roundabout on Mawlamyaing Road in Thaton.

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Hello, Emma, no permit required for Dawei. K7-319, departures 7:00 am, arrivals 8:10 am. Departures 15:00 hrs, arrivals 6:00 hrs. The Dawei is the end of the railway line south of Myanmar. From Dawei to Matlamyine. Yangon 2 days a week, 24 hours a week. After 8:00, arriving 17:30. Nighth - Departures 19:30, arrivals 5:00.

How to get to Thaton by rail

On the road from Yangon to Thaton you have to drive over Bago and Kyaikto, altogether about 260 km. There''s no airfield in Thaton - both by rail and bus from Yangon, Thaton is at the intersection and provides a comfortable travel intersection further southwards to Myawaddy-Mae Sot, Ye and Dawei, a side trip to Hpa-An or a cross country flight to Thailand, which you can reach via the Myawaddy-Mae Sot crossroad.

From Yangon Central Station there are three daily Bago connections to Mon State cities, Kyaikto, Thaton and Mawlamyine, with one further to Dawei. Routes between Yangon and Thaton take 6 hrs, and the fastest is #89, which leaves Yangon at 7.15am and arrives in Thaton before 2pm.

There are two other runs (#175 at 6.25pm and #35 at 9.00pm) to take you to your final destinations in the early morning and are more convenient for a trip to Madlamyine than to Thaton. Neither of the Yangon-Thaton train lines has sleepers and gives the passenger a selection between less costly rigid seating in the normal category and somewhat more expense.

It can be cheaper to buy a ticket at a train stop, although the purchase from abroad is linked to the payment of fen. Superior quality seating can be purchased from MMK6,000/USD5 to MMK20,000/USD17. Yangon Central is the Yangon Central Train Way stop on Kun Chan Rd, opposite the arena. The Thaton train terminal is one kilometre westwards of the highway, near the Old Myoma fair.

From Thaton, take a motorcycle cab to Blue Cloud Guesthouse (north of town) or the upper class Aung Thitsar Resort just off the Hpa-An Avenue. To get from Yangon to Thaton by bus, take one of the southerly busses, e.g. the Yangon-Mawlamyine Bus.

Busses to Manlamyine depart from Yangon Highway Bus Station, also known as Aung Mingalar Bus Term. It' situated far outside the town, 500 metres eastwards of the Aung Mingalar Highway, between Sat Hmu Street and Sa Gaing Street; another 7 km to the Northwest of Yangon International International airport. Seating in a collective taxicab from the center of Yangon to the bus station should be 1.000,- MMK.

You can buy bus passes in town at the ticket offices at the Yangon Main Station-Stadion. Yangon-Thaton-Ticket costs from MMK6,000/USD5 according to your business and bustyp. At Thaton, Yangon busses stop at the Mawlamyaing Road traffic circle.

Yes, it is true: Thaton is not very popular in Myanmar's travel guides and there are hardly any sightseeing spots in the truest meaning of the name. You' ll find an airy marquee on the hillside, a vibrant open air fair to search for the delights of the area, and a thriving array of captivating colorful houses you wouldn't find in a city like Thaton.

Thison is also the starting point for a full days out to Hpa-An, another 50 km to the west, but quite openly there is little else to do in Thaton. From Yangon to Mawlamyine and further southwards, Thaton can be a strategic stop to divide your long-distance journey to Dawei in the north or to Thailand in the north.

There will be a 1.45 pm, 1.15 am and 3 am service from Thaton to Mawlamyine. 30 hrs and lasts from 2½ hrs to 3 hrs to access them. There are many busses on the same road and it takes less than an entire day to get to Mawlamyine. When you have to continue to Ye or Dawei, take the 175 at 1.15 am.

30 and brings you to Dawei on the same night (7 pm). From Thaton it will take 106 hours to get to Hpa-An (MMK2,000/USD2) and there are many sailings all around the city. At Thaton, busses depart from the traffic circle on Mawlamyaing Rd. at Shwe Sar Yan Pagode, but actually you can take the bus you need anywhere on the street that leads from the traffic circle to Mawlamyine and along the street that passes Aung Thitsar Resort when you plan to get to Hpa-An.

Busses to Myawaddy go via Hpa-An. In Thaton, if you don't find one, simply take a bus to Hpa-An, where you transfer to the Hpa-An-Myawaddy transportation. On the way back to Yangon you can count on rail and bus again. Mornin' express 90 leaves at 11 o'clock via Thaton. 30 o'clock in the mornings until 17.30 o'clock in Yangon.

Trains no. 36 leave at 10 p.m. and arrive at 4 a.m. rather uncomfortably. They' re both from Mawlamyine. Coming from Dawei, the 176 will pick up at Thaton at 11am. 40 Arrival at the terminal station of Yangon Central Station at 6.30 a.m. the next m.

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