Bus from Myawaddy to Yangon

From Myawaddy to Yangon by bus

Could someone please give an update on this bus service. The posts I found are all before the opening of the new motorway, i.e. a bus service on changing days. Coming from Bangkok by taxi to Yangon.

Self transfer from Yangon bus station to your centrally located hotel in Yangon.

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Could someone please give an upgrade via this busshow. I have found all the poles before the opening of the new motorway, i.e. a bus ride on changing dates. Since the alternative daily order was the outcome of the old street's limitations, the overall picture is likely to have improved.

@Iamemjay, can cruise the New Asia Highway, which offers two routes to distraction every single working days. Hey, do you know how many fucking hour it is to get on the bus (Myawaddy to Yangon)? Hpa An to Yangon lasts about 6 hrs, although the bus has stopped for quite a long time. Anyone know if Kinpun (Kyaikto - Golden Rock) or if there is another way to get there directly from Myawaddy?

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Myawaddy, a small frontier city, is usually only briefly frequented by travelers travelling to or from Mae Sot in Thailand.

Myawaddy, a small frontier city, is usually only briefly frequented by travelers travelling to or from Mae Sot in Thailand. People who travel to Burma are usually on their way to Mawlaymyine and Hpa-an, but those who stay here for a whole days will find some proper places to rest and dine and some places of interest to visit, even a large souvenir shop.

Myawaddy was a secluded military post on the outskirts of a military area until recently. However, the city is clearly on the advance, with a contract of tranquillity between the Karen and the Karen Autonomous Community - at least for the time being. Burma is linked to Thailand by a new (from 2016) Friendship Bridge that curves over the flat Moei River to Mae Sot.

It is located on the road from Myawaddy and connects from a suburb of Mae Sot, about five kilometers from the center. It is one of the few frontier checkpoints where the Burmesian side is more welcoming and contemporary than the Thai side. First thing you will see as you cross the city is the charming patio of the well-located River View Guesthouse and Restaurant, after which the bustling four-lane highway is lined with benches, stores, cafes and tourist agencies.

Probably because it is currently the fastest country cross between Bangkok and Yangon, Myawaddy makes more remote transitions like Kawthaungand Tachileiklook almost quiet, although the huge China bus is missing. The Myawaddy City is not exactly scenically attractive and one should be wary that the highway following the viaduct has its part of tugs.

However, switch off the major resistance and you will find yourself in peaceful living areas with timber buildings and many kind people. The city has some interesting churches to see and the city' s central square is a good one. There are two very good accommodations in Myawaddy, both with good dining facilities.

So, while the little city will never be on Burma's list of touristic destinations if you have to stay here for logistic purposes, this is anything but catastrophic. Please be aware that Thai phone lines are widespread in the city of Myawaddy, but Thai Bahts are not as widespread as in other frontier city.

However, there are many currency exchanges along the Hauptstra├če. Of US$615. Myawaddy's design is simple. From the Friendship Bridge, it runs westwards along a four-lane highway before flowing into the Hpa highway on the outskirts of the city. Bank, market, shops, law enforcement, a clinic and the best accommodations and dining are along this one stretch called Bayintnaung St. on the map.

The KBZ has two offices here, one near the river and one further westwards, and there are also many money change offices if you are from Thailand. Morgenmarkt is located on the northern side and the Nachmittagsmarkt on the southern side of Bayintnaung.

Shwe Muay Wan, the city' s principal pageant, is located opposite the Myawaddy Hotel. Calm roads are located directly on the major road to the northeast and southeast. From the city the road goes out to the east and flows into the Hpa-an highways. Here you can see the bigger and newer houses of the city, among them some hotel and some places in the breweryy.

There is a gambling house near the stream - for simple Thai entry - just northern of the city center. Mae Sot is a legal border checkpoint to Thailand (Mae Sot) in both directions for foreigners. From a geographical point of view, this is the most convenient of the four officially opened road transitions for international visitors from 2016.

The city of Mae Sot can be accessed by bus from Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Travel agencies around Tha Pae and Khao San Road already offer bus passes to Yangon via the Mae Sot cross. Burma's immigrant policemen are at the bottom of the viaduct, in the city.

As we were crossing the viaduct, there was no means of transportation on the viaduct itself, so we had to cross the about 300 meters across the Moei River to get to Thailand immigrating. There are no fees on either side and the paperwork can be done daily between 06:30 and 20:00 (Thai time).

Coming from Thailand, Burma is not available on your return and e-visas are not acceptable, so you must obtain a prior visitor permit from a Myanmar consulate. In case you do not have a current permit, you may only travel to Myawaddy for a temporary period, against presentation of your ID card upon entry and transfer of 500 Ba.

At the Thai side of the road song-thaews brings you for 20 Bahts per passenger to the city of Mae Sot or to the bus terminal. In Burma, motor taxi and pickup trucks and tuk-tuk cars are waiting to take you to a resort or suggest a sightseeing itinerary. When your pocket is not too big, most of the accommodations we recommend are within easy walk access, as are the markets and the major pagodas.

Myawaddy's major road is bordered by ticketing desks and tourist information centres, which offer bus, minivan and collective taxis to Hpa-an, Mawlamyine, Yangon and so on.

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