Bus from Bangkok to Burma

Bangkok to Burma bus

Yangon Bus Service starts in Bangkok - Stickboy Bangkok Vega Traveller, a Bangkok-based tourism company, is starting its first trip from the Thai capitol to Yangon this weekend. Connections are also available to Mandalay, Bagan and Pa-an in Karen State as well as to Dawei and Moulmein. From Yangon, Pa-an and Moulmein, Vega will also start travels to Bangkok, with the possibility to continue to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

The price from Bangkok to Yangon will be 1,500 Bahts, the journey takes about 24h. The following fares apply for the journey back to Bangkok: 55,000 Kyat from Yangon, 45,000 Kyat from Pa-an and 40,000 Kyat from Moulmein. You must book your ticket two nights in advance for a 5,000 kyat charge in excess of $40.

For more information, please visit the Vega Travel website.

Bangkok to Mawlamyine, Hpaan and Yangon bus connections in place.

Hmm....I wonder if this firm actually uses a bus connection, or if it is just a set of two bus connections, one that will take you to the Myawady frontier, followed by a walk across the border/Songthaew/Minivan and then another connection to Bangkok? Those so-called cross-border activities are deceptive.

If it is not acknowledged that the bus used is crossing the limit, you can be sure that this is not the case. Since there is no international transport deal between Thailand and Myanmar, with the exception of non-formal arrangements allowing cars from both countries to travel on daily excursions or slightly longer journeys near the borders, I do not see how this bus transport would be possible.

This is the case for international traffic between Cambodia and Laos, and these lands have formal conventions with Thailand on international truck traffic, which includes transportation as well. Burma and Thailand do not currently have such an arrangement. I have never seen a Burmese registration in Bangkok and I don't think we will see one for a while because it would certainly herald a new age of cooperation between the two states.

But I don't see it that soon, unless someone who has seen or was on this "bus" can prove that he is actually crossing the frontier, we can expect it to be just a mix of two seats and two busses that will be seamlessly integrated into a shuttle bus, as is often seen in Cambodia, for example, with their periodically promoted Cambodia-Thailand flights, which are ultimately not cross-border at all.

No international bus transport. At the end you buy a shuttle bus from Myawady to Hpa-an or Yangon with seperate bus and ticket on the Thai side to Mae Sot.

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