Bus Bagan to Kalaw

Bagan to Kalaw by bus

From Bagan to Kalaw - Night bus or flight? Brooklyn (Strategy for Sleep) - Bagan Forum Hi all, I am planing a journey to Myanmar in December and would be very happy about your help in the decision whether I come from Bagan to Kalaw-Inle Sea over night or early the next to. Hopefully I can see Kalaw (1), Pindaya (on the way to), Inle See (2) and Taunggyi (1) in 5 working nights before continuing to Mawlamyine/Hpa-An via Yangon (4 days).

When I take the bus, is there a way to make the trip easier or reduce tiredness (especially if I want to visit/trek Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp on arrival)? When we took the bus to Kalaw, what is my best way to get some peace between 7:30pm (departure in Bagan) and 8am the next time?

Is it possible to get off in Thazi, stay in a youth hostel and take a cab to Kalaw early in the mornings? Who can indicate the estimated bus arrivals in Thazi, a latest/early enough lodging and the costs of a taxid.

Bagan to Kalaw VIP bus

The bus goes directly from Bagan to Kalaw and back to Bagan. This bus departs twice a daily at 8:30 pm - you can comfortably reserve it on site and schedule your journey in time. We will issue your travel pass 30 nights in advance, so if you make an early booking, your pass will be accepted but only 30 nights in advanced.

Booking Bagan (Nyaung-U) -> Kalaw -> Taunggyi Bus Ticket

The fares are net and include $5 reservation fee, bank transfer fee and bus fare package. Complaints will be acknowledged within 24hrs, as they must be processed manually to be available. Our employees are able to help you quickly and easily during Myanmar business hour. Book your holiday easily and quickly on-line!

Just use our quick and simple on-line reservation system and we will organise your ticket for you. Our highly qualified staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our bookings.

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