Burmilla Kittens

My Burmilla kittens

Locally find Burmilla cats and kittens for sale in the UK. This is Victoria's only registered breeder of Burmilla kittens, Mandalay kittens and Burmese kittens. Burmilla is a disrespectful and independent cat that adores its owner and has many kitten-like characteristics until adulthood. As soon as you receive your Burmilla kitten from us, the care and attention does not stop. He specializes in breeding longhaired Burmilla, which is also marketed as Australian Tiffanie.

Since 1980 we are a breeder of Myanmar kittens.

Since 1980 we are a breeder of Myanmar kittens. As members of the Myanmar Cat Club and the Myanmar Cat Society, we follow their rules of mating. The first Burmilla came into ours in 2013 and we had our first Burmilla born in 2014.

Our kittens are GCCF certified. All our Myanmar and Burmilla kittens are brought up in a house of their families and are abandoned to the coming and going of a bustling familiy with our puppies Fern, Ellie and Herbert. We also have grown-ups and Burmilla rehabilitation ists from case to case looking for a home forever.

They' re playing together all the way rolling up to sleep. Many thanks for these nice new members of our team! It is really not enough to thank you for giving us such a nice, kind and affectionate little member of our little home, which gives us so much joy.

Mysterious Burmilla & Asian Kittens

Our kittens are raised in our house with loving and carefulness. There are only two or three kittens per year to make sure that each cat gets a lot of personalization. Kittens are FB (FIFe) and GCCF certified, immunized and covered before they leave home after 13 sittings.

Since there is usually more request for these charming kittens than the number of kittens available, we ask you to do so. As with any conscientious kennel owner, we will ask you and your home a few simple question to make sure our kittens only go to shelter.

You are expected to stay in contact, as we put a lot of effort into each and every one of our kittens and they will always be part of our kitty kin. When you are looking for an ultra-affective female that is enjoyable and of exceptional natural beauties, an enchanting Burmilla or Asian is the only female to do it.

For kittens, please tell me that these are very specific burmillas and not every cat will fulfil the high standards called for. When you are interested in a pedigree cat, you must show me that you are already an expert and serious breed.

At 2am Abby had to do a C-section because the very last cat got bogged down. She is the archetypal'earth mother', she is so motherly - now she is helping mom Wheaty's cat and my sneakers!

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