Delicately coloured Burmilla is one of the most attractive cat breeds. Burmilla is a new breed that has arrived by chance. The best way to identify a Burmilla cat is to look closely at the markings and physical characteristics of the cat. Burmilla combines aspects of the Burmese and Persians in a sweet, friendly package. He is Burmesis and Burmilla Millefiabe from earlier litters.

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In addition to their cute characters, Burmillas are distinguished by their cloaks, which have a silver-white colour in the back, which is tilted or shadowed with a contrast colour. Burmillas with a tilted design have a colour that tilts about 1/8 of the total length of the fur and is evenly spread, giving the fur a sparkle.

Burmilla with pointed fur generally looks easier than burmilla with shadowed fur. About 1/3 of the coat line is shadowed in the shadowed design, making the shadowed hairline look more dark. Colours in typed and shadowed designs range from dark grey, dark grey, purple, blue, dark grey, dark grey, dark grey, dark grey, dark blue, chocolate, cream, red and tortoise shell. Otherwise they look like the Burmese in Europe with a softly curved forehead that narrows into a long, dull tapered shape; medium-sized to large sized ear with slightly curved points that tend slightly forward; large eye that can accept any hue of greens; and a medium-sized solid with slim feet, clean ovate feet and a tapered tip cock.

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Burmilla comes from..... 1981 the unscheduled combination of a Chinchilla Persian with a purple Burmese led to the emergence of a new race. Burmilla is the youngest of the breeds to be included in the register of the Cat Fancier's Association, as it was created only 30 years ago. Burmilla is characterized by.....

Burmilla in general..... Owner, breeder and enthusiast have described the Burmilla as a character who behaves with meekness, love and faith. Burmilla is an autonomous and outgoing race that can move freely on its own and has a lot of interactions with its people. This is why the Burmilla is well suitable for the interior and outside area, although many owner keep their cats because of the relatively rareness of the race rather in the house.

An adult Burmilla weighs between 8 and 10 lbs, with differences between the sexes. For no race is without its infirmity..... Burmilla is a robust and robust race with very few cases of sickness.

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