About Burmilla cats and Burmilla kittens, including images and advice on hairball, tapeworm and flea problems. Burmilla Queen Miamber Moets Be Fabulous. Discover Burmilla life data with pictures, origin and history. Burmilla cats have strikingly green eyes, which are large and black edged, as if they are wearing an eyeliner. Burmilla is an extremely independent cat that values its owner and is very sociable, playful and affectionate for much of her life.

Information, pictures, characteristics & facts about Burmilla Cat Breed

In addition to their cute characters, Burmillas are distinguished by their cloaks, which have a silver-white colour in the back, which is tilted or shadowed with a contrast colour. Burmillas with a tilted design have a colour that tilts about 1/8 of the total length of the fur and is evenly spread, giving the fur a sparkle.

Burmilla with pointed fur generally looks easier than burmilla with shadowed fur. About 1/3 of the coat line is shadowed in the shadowed design, making the shadowed hairline look more dark. Colours in typed and shadowed designs range from dark grey, dark grey, purple, blue, dark grey, dark grey, dark grey, dark grey, dark blue, chocolate, cream, red and tortoise shell. Otherwise they look like the Burmese in Europe with a softly curved forehead that narrows into a long, dull tapered shape; medium-sized to large sized ear with slightly curved points that tend slightly forward; large eye that can accept any hue of greens; and a medium-sized solid with slim feet, clean ovate feet and a tapered tip cock.

Race profile: Burmilla

Burmilla is a mid-size female with a well muscled but graceful physique. It has a plastic shape with the round shape of the snout, the round shape of the snout, the middle width of the mouth and the well-shaped jaw. A Burmese's overall impression should be similar, but with a sweet er, more open mind.

They are characterised by their glittering, silvery fur and their striking "make-up", which fills their noses, limbs and eye. Burmilla is available in two fur length, half-longhair and smooth. Burmilla is a disrespectful and impartial female who worships her owners and has many kitten-like qualities until she reaches her adult years. Burmilla's temper is extraordinary.

Burmese character, blended with the relaxed and relaxed character of Chinchilla Persians, makes Burmilla convivial, fun and loving. All in all, an ingenious, curious manner and a very loving, enticing character are some of the compelling characteristics of Burmilla. Burmilla Langhaar is a real half-longhair, with a delicate silken fur, feathers on the bottom, pants, feathers and bibs.

They should not need any intense care and should not look like a chinchilla, i.e. big full fur, long feet and stocky bodies, extremely small face and small eyes. You should be a Burmilla in costume. The Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg bought a Persian chinchilla cat, Jemari Sanquist, as a domestic animal for her husbands.

Accidentally, when a cleaning lady opened Fabergé's front doors, she escaped and bred with Sanquist to produce Burmilla's very first casts. burmilla are still a very uncommon race in the United States. Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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