Find out all about Burmilla Cats. Here you will find all Burmilla Cat Breed information, pictures of Burmilla Cats, training, photos and care tips. Burmilla is a medium sized cat with a muscular but elegant body. This is a site to offer Burmilla kittens for sale. Burmilla is a beautiful shaded or tilted cat & green eyes.


Burmilla Cat was founded on January 21, 1984 by Thérèse and Charles Clarke and Barbara Gazzaniga. Therese and Charles had produced the first 2. generations from the breeding of Gemma and Jaycynth by Baroness Miranda Von Kirsbergh and the founding of the Clearkes Kartush line-breed. For this purpose an offical notice was released in the cat kingdom on 1 March 1984, until which the association had drawn 22 full members.

During the year, the Board met informally and the office holders were appointed at the first Annual General Meeting on 24 March 1985.

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By a coincidental combination between a masculine Chinchilla and a feminine Burmese the Burmilla cat looks strikingly similar to a Burmese, only the Burmilla is aslever. However, the Burmilla's major draw is its smooth, thick silvery coating, which can be coloured in the colours either purple, dark brown, dark brown, dark brown, dark brown, dark brown, blue brown, dark brown or dark brown.

Burmilla also has an underwool. Burmilla is the perfect accompaniment for a solitary night. Though the Burmilla does not immediately turn to foreigners, it will finally get warmed up by kind people. Burmilla also gets along well with kids and other domestic animals. Burmilla loses a great deal and should be cared for at least once a weekly.

Burmilla is a generally sound cats that can survive into its youth. The Burmilla originated in 1981 from a coincidental combination between a lilac Burmese and a silver chinchilla, both of which were the property of Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg. The story tells that the Silver Chinchilla man, Sanquist, and a Burmese woman, Faberge, were waiting for their friends when they became interested in each other.

Though Faberge was later sent away to mate with her own race, on arriving she gave birth to a throw that was very different from the Myrmenae. Sanquist's offspring were four cats: one kitten and one kitten: These were backcrossed with the Myanmar and the race features were maintained.

The Baroness soon founded the Burmilla Association to support this new breed of cats. In 1984 another breeders, Therese Clarke, who took Gemma from the initial line-up, founded the BurmillaCatClub. The Burmilla was recognised for provisional championship status in 1990. History tells that the Silver Chinchilla named Sanquist and a Burmese named Faberge were waiting for their friends.

Sanquist and Faberge bred during the incubation period. Later Faberge was paired with her own race. There was a big difference between the throw she made and the Burmese and the identification of her fathers became apparent. There were four cats called Galatea, Gemma, Gabriella and Gisella.

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