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Whilst many documentary films and other information resources have sought to raise the profile of the repatriation of US citizens, many individuals are not aware of the problems and difficulties faced by US migrants. Pursuant to interna tional legislation, fugitives are understood as those who are outside their home countries and who have a legitimate anxiety or harassment based on religious, racial, national, philosophical or socio-favour.

Migrants are those who come to the United States of their own free will with different kinds of visa and for different purposes such as studies, work or work. "At the end of one year's stay in the United States, asylum seekers and asylum seekers may submit an application for long-term residency in the United States and, at the end of five years, US nationality.

Asylum seekers and asylum seekers differ mainly in that they are granted relocation permits after they land in the US, while asylum seekers are granted permits before they actually do. In 1980, a US official programme for the reintroduction of US nationals was launched, and since then more than 1. Eight million people have fled to the United States.

As a rule, between 40,000 and 75,000 people are admitted to the United States each year under the Refugee Resettlement Programme. The UN refugee relief organization reports that about 35 to 40 per cent of the US population is made up of infants. Approximately 95% of these kids are lucky enough to move with their families, but the other 5% are not.

These kids must settle in the United States with either family members or accountable grown-ups. The unaccompanied minor refugees program, a non-profit organisation, welcomes unaccompanied minor refugees who have neither a home nor an an adult to the United States and becomes part of a specialised nursing family. About 100 to 200 kids use this ministry every year, and often these kids are never again united with their family.

A lot of Burma documentary films have tried to raise people' s consciousness of the problems in Burma, but this is the first film to document the fight of a Myanmar host families as fugitives in the US.

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