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Myanmar Classical Music

Sandayar Chit Swe's art, his musical signature. Contributions to the Burmese classic. He was a well-known Burmese musician and composer. When he was ten years old, he learned the Burmese classic Jambu Kyun Lone (Universal) by Deva Einda Maung Maung Gyi in a single day to the surprise of the famous harpist. Myanmar Tranditional Song, Free Myanmar Music, Free Myanmar Video, Burmese Classic, Myanmar Classic Song, Free Video, Burma Classic Song.


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The musician Ko Khin Soe was borne in Tar Yar Wa Di City and entered the world of music in 1984 by completing a guitar-education. Afterwards, he got together with other artists and played with his musician colleagues at the festival of Thidinkyut and Tazaung Di. He then joined MG(10) (Kheta Pan Khin), Freedom (Shwe Taung Tan), A.1 Soe Myint, Dollar, Aurora, Audio Wave Band and played for many years.

Ko Khin Soe learned music internationally from Philip Joseph and Royal Piano from Panic U Thet Oo. Saïr Ko Khin Soe has been playing his music in more than 40 musical records and is now participating in the Burmeseclassic Music Training Section to present his music to the audience. In four free sessions tellar will learn to learn piano, keyboard, guitar and guitar (classical) from scratch.

Myanmar Classical Songs

This song comes from a large number of classic lieder known as Mahagita (Sanskrit for great songs). Here they are played by U Myint Maung on the sadung (harp) and by Daw Yi Yi Yi Yi Thant. For more information about Burma's music and its culture, please visit Robert Garfias' website.

The late U Myint Maung, who died on September 5, 2001, was one of the best harpist of all time. One of the most respected vocalists of the classic Mahagita repertory, Daw Yi Yi Yi Yi Thant. It is a frequent feature on Burma TV and was recently presented on a Shanachie shot titled White Elephants and Golden Ducks.

Recently Smithsonian Folkways made a new record with classic tracks by U Myint Maung and Daw Yi Yi Thant. Under the title Mahagita it contains nine tracks with different musical style and music. The film was taken just before the passing of U Myint Maung and is in his name.

Myanmar title is available in a Word file in Suu Kyi type. If you are interested in other Mahagita song styles, please let me know. Includes other classic Myanmar sites:

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