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Myanmar Wedding Outfit

Explore ideas about traditional wedding dresses. Marriages all over the world: a Moroccan wedding. Traditional wedding in Morocco is an amazing party that lasts for many days. An Unique Wedding Custom In Myanmar: Myanmar TRADTIONAL CLOTHS | Myanmar Traditional Wedding Dresses.

Breathtaking men's outfit in Myanmar - Journey to Myanmar

You will often see men in the streets of Burma carrying the Longgyi-Rock. Indeed, these clothes play an important part in Burmese civilization. Bongyi is the usual name for the folk costumes in Myanmar. One of Myanmar's most beloved traditions is to wear this gown on a day-to-day basis.

Those dresses are Burmese tradition. Myanmar is very warm and the temperatures are often around 40°C. Therefore, all humans are clothed in such a way that they can resist the overheat. Bongyi is just a cloth wound around the human organism. In the past the man's gown was Paso, while Htamain was the name for a woman.

During the colonisation by the British Empire, the name was altered to become known as the Longgyi dress for both sorts. Everyone in Myanmar, whether entrepreneur, carrier or driver, are wearing the old-fashioned Longgyi. Aung San Suu Kyi, who has great impact on young girls from here, is always in the city.

Burma is a land of secrets. Following a long time of cohesive politics, the state has undergone positive changes on the front line. Burma, however, still keeps the rugged look of its Longyi Rock, which is the most distinctive piece of clothing in the land and the Myanmar population.

When you want to discover the richness of Burmese civilization, don't delay in making a journey to Burma. Burma is the holy ground of Buddhism with tens of thousand..... Not only is Myanmar known for its famed population, its civilization..... Burma is regarded as a "sleeping beauty" because the countr..... Burma is one of the perfect travel destination for all.....

On your Burma journey - the land of the temple, you..... Myanmar is one of the Southeast Asian states..... It is not so hard to drink it in Myanmar.....

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