Burmese Wedding

Myanmar Wedding

Many Burmese find their own life partner, but sometimes they have an arranged marriage led by their parents or an intermediary. Anniversary, the last day of the monk's hood and release from prison". A couple who are going to get married are both Burmese. That' my very first Burmese wedding experience! In Myanmar's capital YANGON - On Sunday a wedding became the talk of the town.

Dose and Don'ts in A Wedding of the Burmese

The wedding has two stages - the wedding and the welcome. Weddings usually take place at home, at home or in a motel. Sometimes the wedding ceremonies and the welcome are held in a single room. Sometimes the welcome is in addition to a monk's dinner in a cloister.

You' ll find that a wedding in a luxury resort is all sparkle and sparkle. All the splendour of wedding attendees. In their " wedding best " clothing and jewellery made of diamond, ruby, sapphire, various Mogok gems, their own or borrower. Patients come 15 minutes before the scheduled date. When arriving on schedule, they can get the seating that offers a bad look at the wedding couples or can be introduced into an adjoining room.

About half an hours or forty mins later, the newlyweds and brides arrive. You will be given a 15 minute notice at the front desk and afterwards you will be offered a cup of coffee. Some twenty-minute later, the main passengers who have arrived with the grooms and brides set off when all the passengers get up to go. Sending a small present home or taking it with you to the wedding venue where you will be welcomed by your family would be a pleasant post.

For a wedding that does not take place in a motel, but at home, does not mean that the guest does not dressed as well as in a motel. You are invited to a wedding and not to a wedding service. Well, the chick would be in a fashionable outfit, not a courtyard outfit.

is one degree less formally than a wedding at a motel. They don't have to come 15 minutes early. It' more possible to welcome other people. They can depart early than a wedding in a city. Proud and bridegroom at home wedding in Myanmar. The wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions have two different function.

The first is the wedding supper that follows the welcome. On the next day, the other role will take place either at home or in a cloister. It is the offer of meals of earnings for a monk at the beginning of their marriage to earn merits for the family. It'?s easy what you do at a convent welcome.

You' re going to a convent. They welcome the new pair and their family. You' re chatting with other members at your desk or standing up to welcome and talk to other newcomers. No one dresses so much for a monastic hospital. Monastic wedding in Myanmar.

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