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Our services include high-quality, professional websites, mobile apps, web and graphic design and new marketing services. imbara Burmese Cattery breeds beautiful, lovable and well socialized Burmese kittens. href= "events/index.shtml">Congratulations to Director Dr. Catherine Raymond on the Presidential Engagement Professor Award.

Organized in Bangkok, Thailand, August 3-5, 2018, the thirteenth International Burma Study Conference will take place. Please see the website for more information! It covers Director Dr. Catherine Raymond and her PhD candidates and their various travels to Southeast Asia this year. Congratulation to Director Dr. Catherine Raymond on the presentation of the Presidential Engagement Professor Award.

Now the Center has made all editions of the Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group available as PDF files. A number of items from this exhibition in New York City!

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Miemie Winn Byrd is the president of the Suu Foundation, set up by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to help revitalize health and literacy in Burma. With extensive working experiences in multinationals such as Gillette, General Telephone and Electronics (GTE) and Ernst & Young, she is on the board of the Pacific Gateway Center, the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College, the University of Hawaii Shidler School of Business and the Socio-Lite Foundation.

OBA, in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners Thames Valley Faculty, is presenting a presentation of the Yangon Film School film " Myanmar Middlewife ". Each year, about one million Myanmar mothers give birth, more than 2,400 of whom are dying as a result of childbirth. As a result of the lack of qualified healthcare professionals and institutions in the countryside of Myanmar, state-trained nurses have to look after not only the mothers and children but also the basic medical needs of the family. The report looks at the position of Nwe Ni Cho, a nurse who looks after seven towns with a combined 2,760 inhabitants in the Yangon River delta two hrs northeast of the country's former pre-habit.

This film also shows how an NGO-trained "mother assistance group" is assisting the village people on a wide range of healthcare questions and building confidence between their community and the government's healthcare system - which itself is in desperate need of review as Myanmar has emerged from nearly fifty years of reign.

The Thames Valley Faculty is running a program that allows Myanmar healthcare professionals to travel to the United Kingdom and see what the NHS has to offer. Burma's Women's League published a January 2014 documentary that documents a "widespread and systemic patterns of sex violence" committed by Myanmar's armed forces in Myanmar's ethnical areas since the 2010 elections of the nominal civil administration of Thein Sein.

The Burma Campaign UK (BCUK) described these violations as "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" in April 2014. The Round Table will focus on the question of continuing sexually assaulted people in Myanmar and will ask in particular: What can and should the Myanmar authorities and the wider world do to combat this abuse? It is Zoya Phan who will present an image of current cases of civil sex abuse in Myanmar; Zoya is a productive campaign manager at BCUK and writer of the memoirs "Little Daughter".

Phyllis Ferguson will then answer Zoya from a cross-referencing point of view and draw Myanmar conclusions from a broader context. Phyllis Ferguson was a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in East Timor after having taught and researched in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe; she was co-ordinator of African studies at Oxford University and a founder member of the Oxford International Human Rights Law Group at the CSLS and is now at Oxford Transitional JURGUSONES Research, where she writes on the strengthening of the economy and politics of womens and sexual equality in Africa and South-East Asia after conflicts.

Erin's theatrical " Land of Smiles " deals with the issue of female trade in Thailand from the perspective of sexual labourers, grass-roots campaigners and NGO people. "Burma: She is a fellow in law at the Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford Analytica. Myanmar is in a very delicate transitional phase.

While Burma and its trapped public are looking to the bright side, this round table will focus on what to do. How far will 2015, as a turning point in Burma's development, meet our requirements? Lemahieu is the most important Myanmar analytical scientist at Oxford Analytica and was raised in the land where he worked in conflict-ridden areas of East Shan State.

Beenedict Rogers is the writer of Burma: He travelled far into the area, providing regular information to EU and US government on matters of fundamental freedoms, in particular religious freedoms. Mr McLeod teaches law at Lady Margaret Hall and has just concluded a trip to Myanmar to assist the constitution building work.

Andrew's support includes educating Members and holding stakeholder gatherings, such as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President of Parliament and Chair of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee, to increase public understanding of the continuing violation of fundamental freedoms. Burma has received international praise in recent years for its advances towards democratisation.

But Burma's indigenous people, an estimated 40% of its people, still face serious violations of fundamental rights: extrajudicial assassinations, rapes, kidnappings and tortures by the Burmese army. We' re now providing information on a broad variety of volunteer assignments and provides a link to the organizations that offer them, both within Burma and on the Thai-Burmese borders.

This ranges from working with groups of men and woman to high school classes in Mandalay. Internships are also planned for Oxford undergraduates at the Burma Lawyers' Council and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Their work investigates the ongoing violent attacks on the Rohingya in Burma and how they reflect a broader tendency of anti-Muslim force and fanaticism.

Burma's Reformprocess: a lighthouse of hopes or a failed one? Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's presentation for 2013 was given by Andrew Heyn, former UK Ambassador to Burma. He will discuss the roles of different individuals and organizations in the establishment of sensible reforms in Burma.

"The 2014 South East Asia Symposium, which will take place this year from 22 to 23 March at Keble College, University of Oxford, is now open for register. During the two days, the conference will include several prospects for Burma, with a round table titled "Regime Transitions in SEA:":

Myanmar lesson? For more information and to sign up now, please go to the SEA website. They call it Myanmar: In Burma, the two most insular countries on earth, they shoot secretly for three years, calling it "Myanmar", raising the curtains to uncover the daily lives of a land that has been kept in the grasp of a violent army regimes for 48 years.

Although Burma has grown from being one of the wealthiest and most progressive in Southeast Asia to one of the worlds impoverished nations, "They call it Myanmar" is a tale of truth, glory, courage as well as hopes. "Reflection on the Rôle of Womens in the Educational and Peacemaking Regions in Myanmar" " Old Library, Lady Margaret HallAs part of its week-long seminar, the International Gender Studies Section will give two lectures on the gender in Burma over the next two week.

Further information can be found on the website of the IGS-Zentrum or in the leaflet. This Round Table will look at how ethnical identities affect people's experience of conflicts in Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi Senior Research Fellow in Modern Burma Studies, Matt Walton, will debate internationality and the different experience of the disease in general, as well as the way geographical issues play a part in communicating the impact of state/military suppression.

Charles Wallace Trust Visiting Research Fellow Dan Hkung will look at the Kachin fight, a case of particular importance as the Kachin state' s aggravation of the dispute has taken place alongside the much acclaimed "democratic" reform of Burma's new state. He will tell his own experience about the challenge of the negotiation of the Mon -Burman legacy, while Karen will discuss the prospects of Mon buddies and co-workers working to promote these people.

"Burma's rising agro-industrial complex: Policy of Shore Reforms, Conquest and Resistance and China's Presence" on Wednesday, 16 October, from 2:00-3:00. 30 Kevin Woods of UC-Berkeley will hold a workshop on his specific field of research related to Burma's up-and-coming agricultural world. Much of his work has concentrated on the study of China's agricultural business in North Burma as part of China's program of substituting apium and its involvement with drugs milices, insurgency and landburn.

Recently, under the new military-backed administration, Kevin carried out participative research on farmers' resistance to conquest. Kevin's research on rural reforms at the state level, backed by case study in controversial, ethnically resource-rich areas, allows him to go beyond "New Myanmar" to understanding how Burma's notorious army establishment and nepotistic capitolism are beginning to fuse with neo-liberal developments, this year with the support of foreign donors and financial organizations.

More information can be found on the website. On 12 October 2013, the School of orientental and African Studies (SOAS) will hold a one-day workshop in London to examine the recent events in the Kachin area, in particular how military conflicts emerged in 2011 after a 17-year cease-fire.

Ticket purchases are available for 45 in advanced, 50 at the entrance, 25 pounds for schoolchildren. Lunches, teas and coffees will be provided and all revenues will go to RCGP's Myanmar Family Medicine Project. "South East Asia in Transition" Project Southeast Asia currently invites submissions for panels and papers for the third Annual Southeast Asian Studies Symposium at Keble College, University of Oxford, March 22-23, 2014.

Suggestions should be sent via the South East Asia project website (preferably) or by e-mail to symposium@projectsoutheastasia.com. SaSa was borne in an abandoned and destitute town in the southern Chin state in northwestern Burma. The lives of Chin Hill villages in West Burma have been difficult: poor health and educational provision, continued segregation, restrictions on religion and threats of war.

Where' re the girls? Negotiating for Burma Security. Burma's Swedish Committee has published a document outlining how to exclude Burma womens participation in peaceful negotiation at all political level, despite an agreement at world level on the need to include womens in peaceful trials so that the consolidation of lasting, participatory and participatory peacemaking is viable, and that women's organizations in Burma are well skilled and in a position to be included in the pacif-run.

Please find the article here and the Swedish Burma Executive Board news here. All You Can Do Is Pray' Human Rights Watch has just released a new article describing the way and scale of the Rohingya violent situation since June 2012. This 153-page account depicts the rôle of the Myanmar administration and community agencies in the violent expulsion of more than 125,000 Rohingya and other Muslims and the continuing human rights watch. Website of Human Rights Watch here.

The OBA will host a podium debate on the plight of the Rohingya tribal people in Burma on Thursday, May 2. Among the presenters are Tun Khin, President of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK, and Benedict Rogers of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. It will address the prosecution and discriminatory treatment of Rohingya, recent violent incidents and the increase in levels of insanity, religion and racism, as well as the further impact on Burma's democratic system and real reforms.

It will take place at 18:30 at the Event Space at the Oxford Hub, Turl Street Kitchen. Mr President, we have just added this Irish Centre for Human rights document which provides backgrounds on the Rohingyas' situation in Burma and describes the abuse they have experienced in the years prior to the publication of the 2010 document, including hard labor, sexually assaulted and raped people, deported and forcibly transferred populations and denied many basic human freedoms.

This is the Irish Centre for Human Rights hier. Burma's Assistance Association for political prisoners has published its last year's progress review, which documents its accomplishments, key milestones in 2012, the organization's organizational set-up, the present position of Burma's detainees and the impact on their attention for the New Year.

AAPP' s objectives are to provide medical care for detainees and those made redundant, to educate policy detainees and their minors, to provide psychological advice and to provide welfare assistance. You are also strongly committed to representing interests and working as a lobbyist to raise people' s minds internationally on the hardship of Burmese detainees with AAPP.

Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT) recently released a new article describing common civil victims of Burma's recent offensive in Kachin areas and calling for an end to global pressures to end Kachin's violent warfare. "is documenting the killings or injuries of 26 civilians, girls, kids and the aged, by the Burmese army during the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) offensive since September 2012.

The Kachin state dispute in the north of Burma, as you may know, has continued since June 2011, when junior forces breached a 17-year ceasefire with the Kachin National Organization. Military personnel of the Burma Army have perpetrated terrible abuses of civilian lives, which can be regarded as acts of violence and crime against the people.

Therefore, we ask you to contact our Oxford representatives, Andrew Smith (AndrewSmith.MP@gmail.com) and Nicola Blackwood (nicola.blackwood.mp@parliament.uk), as well as your own MEPs. Humane Rightholders Watch has just released its 2012 event coverage. They underline in their Burma evaluation that despite the obvious reforms and vibrancy of the world, the humanitarian condition is still bad. ot the full text downloaded.

FDI in Burma. They have been upgraded to take account of the fact that the Burma Volunteer Programme is ending its volunteers programme and have instead chosen to focus their effort on educating their own community members to hire themselves. Rohingya? about the state of Rohingya in Burma and the possible participation of the ICC.

Aye is a Myanmar writer who presented some of his poetry released in the anthology'Bones Will Crow' at an OBA meeting in Michaelmas in 2012. Bottom is a poetry he has written one months after his journey to Oxford in Great Britain. Yat Poute relates to a concept used in old rites when humans thought that their soul was transcending the mortal bodies to achieve a better one.

It was also used in a metaphorical way by Ba Maw and General Aung San in the foundation of Bama Htwet Yat Gaing (Freedom Bloc), a civic organisation founded in 1939 against the Colonies to promote Burma's autonomy and democratic rule. Following her presentation on'Rape as a weapon of war' on 6 November, Zoya Phan talked to architect Guha of the Oxonian Globalist about the state of reform in Burma and its impact on Burma's womens and minority population.

the latest AAPP numbers and a register of the 45 reconfirmed detainees freed on 19 November. President Obama made fame by becoming the first U.S. president to make a U.S. official trip to Burma on Monday, November 19. He was cautiously optimistic about the importance of ongoing reform and the prospects for change in the world: "In this University of Rangoon's address he said:

The OBA will hold a lecture with Burma's premier writer Khin Aung Aye and James Byrne, co-editor of Bones Will Crown, on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. It will be read at the library, Oxford Hub, 16 Turl Street. Aye is considered one of the most important post-modern and groundbreaking writers of the Khit-San time.

Khin Aung Aye emphasizes, however, that his writing styles are the result of narrow reads by the old champions in Burma. Hear Khin Aung Aye read a collection of poems by Burma poets, among them himself, followed by a brief debate on Burma's culture and literature that explores the poet's influence, from Burma authors to the New York School and LANGUAGE poems.

OBA has added information about an interesting new traineeship at the Assistance Association for Political Ploners (AAPP) in Mae Sot, Thailand. The AAPP is an autonomous, non-profit association committed to the freeing of all Burmese detainees. First and foremost, the placement includes support for the organization's human rights research and advocacy consultant.

Zoya Phan of the Burma Campaign UK will talk about the use of Burma Army violence as a weapons against trafficked woman in the country's ethnical area. He will be speaking on Tuesday, November 6 at 18:30 at the Harris Lecture Theatre at Oriel College, Oxford. Born in Karen ethnicity, Zoya was raised in Karen state in East Burma.

At the age of 13, the Burma army assaulted Zoya's town, torched homes and burned grain. Zoya applied for political refuge in the United Kingdom after an attempted attack by the Myanmar army in 2005. Zoya Phan, currently international coordinator of the Burma Campaign UK is a blunt critical of the Burma administration and has consistently demanded that Burma implement democracy reforms and that the UK and UN impose financial penalties.

The Hertford College, St. Hugh's College, University College and St. Catherine's College of the University of Oxford as well as Rex Bloomstein and Andrew Bartley made generously distributed sponsors. - a journal created by young migrant workers from Burma on the Thai-Burmese frontier, full of contents designed by and for them.

Attempts are being made to provide information and education on the present status of IDPs in Burma. It' open to everyone, whether you are an Oxford alumni or not, whether you know a great deal about Burma or not at all. To find out more, follow us on our site and in other places and read the resource on our site and on our social networking site; 2.

We' re delighted that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will be attending Oxford, and we' re delighted that she will be spending quality residency with her wife and daughter and that she will at last be receiving her well-deserved Ph. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's honourable work. We would, however, point out to Oxford college graduates that Burma is not yet on an irrevocable path to democratisation - a fact that Aung San Suu Kyi herself has noted, and that there are still conflicts in parts of the countryside with day-to-day abuses of minority people.

Moreover, many of the repressive legislation - even the extremely non-democratic constitution - and several hundred detainees are still behind bars. 2. However, Daw Suu's trip will be very important and we look forward to it helping to awaken the interest of Oxford undergraduates and the UK general population in Burma matters.

The programme also offers free education in digital literacy so that young immigrants and fugitives can develop a powerful nationwide press when they come back to Burma, and it gives young voices! The film''Dreams Without A Home' is a film directed by film maker Sascha Schöberl to give children of Burma displaced persons a vote.

Born in Burma, they were starving, armed forces injured, land mines and poor forcing them to flee their homeland to survivors. They say they live better on a landfill in a landlocked area where they have no legitimate place of abode than in their old life in Burma.

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