Burmese website

Burmese website

We' re Emily and Amy, nurses / physician / Londoner / hosts, who offer traditional Burmese food. Fellowships for Burmese students Fellowships by country. Browse our website or catalogue. The Burmese Buddhist Cosmology Manuscript (detail). The Lutheran Missions Agency in Burma (LAMB) welcomes you to its official website.

MM Website Registrierung - .MM Domainnistration

NB: The name can be classified as a Premier Name if the rates are higher. Please note: The Burmese.mm registrar may class some domainnames as premiums if they are classified to charge a higher one. Burmesian.mm TLDs contain third party charges and support & during the enrollment time.

You can do this free of cost if you wish to move your mm domainname during the enrollment time. There is no administrative fees for Burmese.mm or any other kind of Myanmar TLD. After registering, your.burmese.mm top-level domain will be placed on our global servers and you will receive a substructure page for your.mm top-level domains for as long as necessary.

This will allow a webrower of your mmomain to easily recognize that it is registered). You can also register Burmesian TLDs with..... Complimentary transfers on request. There are no approval/transfer or administrative charges for the registration of Burma domiciled names to another mm registrar.

Unlike many other vendors, the domainname belongs to you and not to us: "We know that!"

Burmese government launches website on education reform

Burma's Ministry of Culture is creating a website to educate the local population and the wider world about the effort to revamp the country's state educational system. MANGOON - The Chinese authorities have created a website to educate the people of Burma and the world about the effort to revamp the country's state educational system. Formal educational reform advice is now available on the website of the Comprehensive Educational Sector Review (CESR), an institution of the Ministry of Educa-tion.

Sue Coffey, CESR spokesperson, said that the website went online at the end of March with a "soft launch". This website contains expert contributions prepared as part of a comprehensive examination of the present education system by the German federal and state governments and the developing states.

A 425-page document with more than 100 suggestions for reform in early learning, elementary and lower-secondary education, higher learning, teachers' and trainers' training and educational law. Governments began reviewing the schooling system in 2012 and is due to be finalised later this year.

In the first stage of the examination, the so-called "Rapid Assessment", a brief look was taken at the present state of affairs in order to determine the areas of reform that should be given top-priority status. The second stage of a more detailed examination of the first set of proposals has been finalised, according to Coffey, but has not yet been up-linked.

In the third and last stage of the evaluation, an educational system roadmap will be developed by 2021. Round-quarterly progression reviews were presented to the President's office, while volunteers from Central and Eastern European countries said they met with educators, ethnical groups and others to collect input on the proposed reform. Nonetheless, the government's educational revision has been criticised by some educators, ethnical educational groups and civic groups who say that the Ministry of Public Health has not included its proposals in its proposals.

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