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Burmese website

Coming from Myanmar and looking for our support, please visit your own website for information and advice. Check out Kyi's website for upcoming events or contact her for more information. Cookies are used by Jules Verne to give you a better experience on our website. The Burmese cuisine is unique - a melting pot of flavours with influences from the cuisine of neighbouring countries, which gives it its very own style. The Sisters of Rangoon welcome to their website.

Myanmar essential or Burmese by ear: Study Burmese: Souas

Myanmar by hearing or Essential Myanmar is a systematic basic course in the contemporary slang Burmese, also known as Myanmar. Until he retired in 1999, the writer was a professor of Burmese (Myanmar) at the School of Eastern and African Studies, University of London. Myanmar was in 1996 and in 2002 Audio-Forum, Sussex Publications Limited, Microworld House, 4 Foscote Mews, London N9 2HH, with the ISBN 1 86013 758 x. Audio-Forum gave up the publishing license in 2006, after which the course was awarded by the writer.

Since 2009 it is available for free download on the website of the School of orientental and African Studies of the University of London.

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It is devoted to the gathering, cataloguing and conservation of recordings and stories of Burmese family life in Burma and the maintenance and update of the "Trek Out of Burma" - i.e. the evacuation and accident registers of 1942. Transcriptions of church books and church restitutions from Burma for various years between 1846 and 1994.

Transcriptions of Burma from Thacker's Directory, various years between 1844 and 1941, The Civil List 1938,39,40 & 42, The Maulmain Directory 1844 & more. Background, staff members and photos, among them The Burmah Oil Co, Burma Railways, H.S.B.C., the forestry and wood industries and some of the top business people of the time.

More than 1000 photographs of Burma's colorful monuments, cultural heritage, cultural heritage, colonial architecture, cultural heritage, museums and museums from early 1800 to the present day. Photographs and engravings of gravestones and monuments of Burmese graveyards with pictures of some of them. From the Moulmein chronicle 1837-1844. Excerpts from The Burma Echo, Rangoon Times, Times of Rangoon and Moulmein Almanac.

Backgrounds, photos of ships, shipyards, employees and personnel residencies with excerpts from the corporate mag. Biographies, Freemason Lodges, War 1879 to World War 2, Who's Who in Burma 1927, short stories about the 3 Anglo-Burmese War and more. With GDPR, you must notify your users about the use of a cookie on your website and obtain their permission before using it.

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