Burmese Water Festival 2016

Myanmar Water Festival 2016

The Myanmar government will relax assembly restrictions during the water festival. Normally around mid-April (the Burmese month Tagu), the Thingyan or New Year's Water Festival is the most important festival of the Burmese people. Elders Festival & Honoring Ceremony on Saturday, April 18, 2015With 1 comment. July 5, 2016, 9:57 a.m.

I and my family will be in Myanmar from September 14 to 21 during the water festival.

No for-profit stages during the water festival

Rangoon City Council prohibited all profit-oriented gazebos during the water festival and called for a resumption of a more secure, historic festival. About RANGOON - Rangoon City Council has prohibited all profit-oriented gazebos in Thingyan and is urging the general community to simply and traditionally hold the water festival, which starts next Tuesday.

Yangon's Prime Minister Phyo Min Thein gave the announcement at a Saturday news briefing. "Thingyan should mirror Burma's traditions and culture," he said, stressing that it should not concentrate on consuming alcoholic beverages, playing noise or difficulties. It called on the general population to work with the policemen to guarantee a secure celebration and added that, in order to avoid unforeseen unrest, the general population must comply with the law and observe fundamental freedoms.

A number of reviewers say that the celebrations in the past have got out of control, with areas at the back of gazebos the scenes in periods of lechery, drugs and other illegal use. Rangoon's Karen secretary Naw Pan Thin Zar Myo said the ruling was made with the general view.

He said it should "prevent transport, save water and comply with healthcare alerts during the El Nino period. This year there were over 300 requests for the construction of gazebos along the Kabar Aye Pagoda and Kan streets. However, Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) Dept. Officer Than Hote said that on April 1, only 16 personal requests were passed to the state because the new administration had said it would not allow large gazebos to be built on publicly owned property.

She said she would allow the main gazebos in four Rangoon counties and unrecensored editions of Thangyat (satirical carols mocking authority) during the festival. Thangyate was prohibited under army domination and permitted with censured text under the virtually civil state. The decision by the state not to allow profit-oriented gazebos was met with mistaken responses, as some businesses have already been given insoles by those who want to party with dance and water tossing from the theatres.

Whilst many agreed with the Prime Minister's ruling, some young people and organisers were complaining about it. This year, Si Thu, an organiser who assists in the pavilion design every year, did not construct any because it was not permitted to construct in town.

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