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Protests in front of Burmese embassies in support of DVB's imprisoned video journalists. Python from Burma near the school. R├ęshmi Banerjee, March 24, 2016. The congregation is very interested in providing links to our weekly sermons and videos. Myanmar fish curry: fragrant, healthy, simple and delicious!

Burmese unrest: The video shows that the policemen do not stop the assault.

BBC has received a video of officials on standby while riot Buddhists have assaulted minor Muslims in the Burmese city of Meiktila. In the meantime, in reaction to recent reform, the EU should determine whether to remove the penalties against Burma. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said this was the right moment to remove all condemnations against Burma on a permanent basis, with the exception of the weapons embargo. 6.

At the EU Ministerial Conference in Luxembourg, Mr Hague said he had met with Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the EU parliamentary party, who had approved the suspension of sentences. However, some groups have cautioned that the penalties should not be removed until the regime has addressed matters such as the recent acts of force against Muslims.

There followed an assault on a buddhistic friar who later passed away in prison. As a result, the force extended to other cities and resulted in the curfew. There will be studies on many other Muslims and Buddhists. Ethnical cleansing' of Buddhism -Muslim violent clashes broke out in another part of Burma, the state of Rakhine, last year after the raping and killing of a young Tibetan women in May.

As a result, tens of thousand of people, mainly members of the Stateless Rohingya Moslem minorities, have escaped their houses and remained internally displaced. exiled. However the assertions of Win Myaing, a federal spokesperson for Rakhine State were dismissed, AP press agency according.

The Burmese militia's violent interrogation video shows

A Burmese reporter who has studied this video is Buu Tho (pseudonym). The video was shot in early July in the south of Tanintharyi, in a control area of the Karen National Union (KNU) Fourth Brigade of the Gun. KNU is a policy group representing the Karens, an ethnical majority representing about 7 to 8% of Burma's total people.

The majority of Karen are living in Burma (about 90%), but about 10% are living across the Thai-Band. The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the KNU's armoured arm, has been fighting a separateist fight against the Burmese federal administration for about sixty years. A definitive cease-fire between the KNU and the Burmese authorities was agreed in January 2012, a few month after the dissolution of the Burmese people.

The KNU and KNLA have not been disbanded or dismantled and still exercise authorities in certain areas, according to our observer. In this video, the men in uniforms are policemen and troops of the KNU Fourth Brigade of the GAR. You speak a Karen and carry the organization's insignias.

Juvenile detainees seated on the floor are also Karens from the Tham Him camps a few kilometers across the Thai border[editor's note: this camps was established in 1997 after an operations by the Burmese military in the Tanintharyi area resulted in the expulsion of many civilians].

You were detained in the warehouse by members of the Thai guard and turned over to the Thai authorities. They were then turned over to the KNLA 4. brigade operating on the other side of the frontier. It is the arms of Burma's ethnical organizations that are responsible for maintaining safety and tranquillity in certain areas.

In the Tanintharyi area, which has always been under KNU control, it is still the KNU police who are arresting and interrogating offenders and perpetrators. It is likely that a KNU police officer recorded and split the video to alert everyone that "this is what happens when you use drugs".

It knows that this video could damage its reputation because it has been widely disseminated and criticized in the public eye.

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