Burmese Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Burmese food

Myanmar coconut fruit rice. The best vegetarian restaurants in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon region: Some people in Myanmar believe that only vegetarian food leads to better health and thus to a longer life. As the man and I prepared to travel to Myanmar earlier this year, I feared only the food I would find there. On the vegetarian Khow Suey recipe:

Burma Vegetarian Survival Guide (Myanmar)

Myanmar is not the poorest place we were for veggie, and we did much better than we thought we would. The main reason for this is the great Hindu impact and the fact that there is a well-informed Burmese term for vegetarian in this buddhistic cultur. These are our hints for survival of Burma as a vegetarian.

Our best piece of good advise came from our good buddy Shannon, who said that we should be learning the key to vegetarians: "thatalo". This allowed us to dine in Burmese local eateries and get all vegetarian dishes. Sadly, we found the food in these places rather boring and not very exciting - usually we got some cooked vegetable with it.

There were some tasty, inexpensive doses (pancakes stuffed with aromatic potatoes), although they are more known here as thosais, and everything you can have vegetarian thai (rice and curries). They are easy to find and were always vegetarian (although you can verify them with "thatalo?"). Of course, teashops are a place to take a cup of coffee, but we also found them a good place for a snack and we often found here ketchup or roasted veg.

The food from the Shang state (although it is also available in Yangon) was particularly tasty and vegetarian. Soya beans are a creme variant of chopped pea instead of soya beans. We' dined it roasted, in a tofusalat and blended it with pasta to a smooth and comfortable delicacy. Silverside pasta /soup - we had both a pasta and a pasta lettuce, which had a little stock, so it was like a sop.

Bianchetta Tomatoes and Tomatoes - delicious with tomatoes, onions and onions. Myanmar salad is a manifestation. Normally the raw materials are finely minced and blended by han. It is a good choice for the vegetarian, although often you add seafood and prawns, so you have to say "thatalo" when you order and expect the best.

Once we had prawns on our lettuce and had to choose them. Lahpet Thoke - This is the classical Burmese lettuce. Marinated tealeaves are blended with tomatoes, kale, onions, lemon, peanut, dried pea, chili and limet. In France you get a literal dish of tomatoes, but Burmese potato salads are much more interesting.

Onions, cloves, garlic, groundnuts, cilantro, and seeds are usually present. Lettuce leek lettuce - A mixture of kale, onions, citrus, chili and citrus. Pennyword Lettuce - An uncommon but tasty lettuce from the Pennyword herbs, blended with onions, lettuce, peanut, garlic und limet. 19. street is bordered with stands where you keep a serving dish, select your food and BBQ it for you.

There' s meats and seafood, but also lots of veggies - we have eaten toffu, olives, brown cabbage, cloves and potatoes in a delicious chili-garlic-warinade. Southern India will be very vegetarian-orientated. and a vegetarian, as much as you could get for 1000 Kie.

We were taken to this Shan place where we dined with shan cream toffu and pasta, fried bread filled with onions, green tea, onions, freshwater kelp in a flavorful chili-lime dressings and savoury greengrocer. Delicious vegetarian thai contained curried veggies, chapatos, rice and five different kinds of chutney, among them tamarinds, peppermint and cilantro, as well as aromatic sunflower seeds.

Its position makes it a good place for lunches in the temple and there is a wide choice of interesting meals in this vegetarian eatery. Particularly good were the aubergine dressing with hot toasted and crushed aubergines and the smooth Bagan Tami curry with peanuts. It' not as bustling as The Moon because it's not at Lonely Planet, but it's another good choice for a vegetarian with a similar cuisine.

So we liked everything you can have vegetarian stuff for 2000 kilo and the potatoe paradise with curry. The shan pasta was more like a bouillon with kale and a little stock, with cucumber and chili. Tealeaf lettuce was pretty thick, but the lime lettuce was good.

Usually we didn't do westerly food in Burma, but we had been hearing good things about this ltalian cuisine. For vegetarians, don't miss our vegetarian survivors' guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

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