Burmese Vegetable Curry

Myanmar Vegetable Curry

and I love vegetable and fruit curries, and this looks good. The Burmese vegetable curry is subtly flavoured with coconut milk, ginger, curry powder and turmeric. It is possible to replace other vegetables such as okra or cauliflower or increase the proportion of pureed onion mixture by making a mixed vegetable curry. A Burmese curry, exotic yet easy to prepare. Myanmar vegetable curry, spicie foodie (substitute for tempeh or tofu, vegetarian fish sauce and vegetable stock.

) "A mildly spiced curry from Burma with a nice fish sauce!

Prescription of the weeks

Cancel your week-end with our tasty curry. Place the fat in a large stir fryer or over a high flame. Roast everything for about three min. and then put in the vegetable - with the exception of the minced tomato. Let cook over low temperature for approx. 1 h with cover or a sheet of film - in the last hrs take off the cover and let the fluid partly boil down.

Burmese vegan curry of aubergines

Below 150 carbohydrates per portion, this gentle Burmese aubergine curry recipes with its delicious, smooth aubergine in a smooth, savoury sauce is a great mix of sauces. Like many of the Shan folks, I like my curry to be mellow with just a little buzz.... but you can make yours as much as you want.

If you use chilies from Thailand, don't be deceived by their color or color; small leafy bird's-eye chilies can take a big blow, while the big ones can often be quite soft. Unless you have a high level of toleration for chilli peppers, I advise you to follow the ones you know!

It was very simple, but good, the meals they were serving there were not from this one. We were able to get two currys, two servings of paddy and a huge dish of stew and all the bottled waters we could have.

The shrimp curry wasn't mine! I would like to tell you that I learnt to make this Burmese curry while I was in Myanmar, but the reality is that there were many Burmese in Chiang Mai from whom I could study. Serv this curry with a little bit of paddy and a Burmese potato lettuce, and you'll have a party to go with any one!

Burmese aubergine curry recipes with their delicious, velvety aubergine in a rich, savoury sauce are a great mix of sweets, acids and spices. Sauté the aubergine discs for about 5 minutes until they are softened. Mix in the aubergine, curcuma, mix well and let it boil for another min.

Add the curry mixture and make sure that everything is well covered. Add the coir and reduce the temperature and let it cook for about 10 min until the sauce thickens. The curry is not suited for freeze. New pictures and a better prescription have been added to this article.

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