Burmese Traditional Dress

Traditional Burmese dress

Burmese women as well as men wear flip-flops. In addition to traditional costume, Myanmar people wear European clothes on many occasions, and when they wear suits, they wear shoes. The traditional Chin dress for men and women is also a sarong or "longyi" and is easily recognizable by the strong, vertical stripes. "A sarong like garment is an essential part of traditional Myanmar clothing when both men and women wear it on many special occasions. The designer Mogoke Pauk Pauk launches traditional Acheik dresses.

Traditional Burmese clothes, part 1

Myanmar's most distinctive feature is that it is a fusion of diverse peoples and nationalities. Burma is home to seven racial districts and the land has been split into geographical areas to each state. Whilst each race is something peculiar in its own way, here is some information about the traditional clothing of four states: Chin, Kachin, Bamar and Kayin.

China State is known for the tattooed faces of the native girls. The traditional Chin dress for men and woman is also a black and white or" Longyi" and is easy to recognize by the strong, vertically Stripe. Females are wearing long dresses, short-sleeved tunics and wide silvery straps that adorn their waist. The chin jewellery is made of coloured pearls, which are transformed into nice collars, pendants and aprons.

Tachin woman wore longis or a sarong with strong, colourful designs and the colour scarlet is particularly frequent in men and woman. They also have beautiful headgear with a similar design to the ones worn by the long-gyi. Men have similar upper and lower parts because of the uni sex of lunggyis, but in muted colours.

As a rule, traditional costumes are wore at ceremonial and social occasions and presented with dance scenes that are also unparalleled in the area. Burma, or Burmese, is the predominant ethnical group in Myanmar and hence the country's former name, Burma. Bamar can be recognized by their own one-of-a-kind dress, which is a skirt known as a "Longyi".

Men formal dress a cassock known as " passion " and " hetamain " for them. This dress is usually made of brightly coloured satin and both men and woman are wearing velvety steel shoes to complement the look. At Kayin State, men and ladies are wearing a casual thin-dancing jersey made of two piece of knitted material stitched together with a V-neck.

Kayin clothing's complexity and elegance give it its own distinctive character. This tunic is often adorned with decorative seams in different pattern for men and woman. This tunic is carried over Longyi's, which are usually formed with plain horiz. strips. The colours and styles are also used to identify certain features or the ranking of the user.

Men carry turbochargers for more informal events. Longyi's and other traditional clothes are still very much in fashion in Myanmar, so the market throughout Myanmar is a great place to find some of these clothes if you don't have enough free space to go to the states themselves.

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