Burmese Traditional Costume

Myanmar costume

Burmese costume consists of a sarong-like skirt called Longyi (pronounced LONG-ees). Every race has its traditional clothes. Therefore, Myanmar's traditional clothing varies from region to region. Every country has its own costume, which represents its cultural and social status. Myanmar's most unique feature is that it is a melting pot of people from different cultures and their Burmese traditional clothing.

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Usually these clothes are made of daily wearing wool and of sateen, wool, or better synthetics for regular use. Male designs are mostly plaids or rectangles or sometimes verticals or horiz. The majority of men avoid flower designs, but they sometimes use" acheik" fabric, the horizontal" wavy" ribbons of colourful fabric for festive events.

The" acheik" is a traditional regal style for men and woman and it is said that the old designer was influenced by the wave and wave of the Ayeyarwady river. Amarapura and Mandalay are the major centres for wool and wool, but there are also other renowned wool and fabric mills in the Inle area, Rakhine State and Mon State.

However, the Inle silk with its artfully floral designs is a favourite with the women. Today, these longys are a favorite with men as official clothing. Of course, the women have a larger selection. Patterned with cathedrals, star, checks, strips or even impressionist spatter in all colors and forms. The" Longyi" is therefore the fundamental undergarment of Myanmar.

It' the same as a West German styled long-sleeved shirting, and this has been used since they gave up the traditional Myanmar long-sleeved shirting. However, today they have changed to T-shirts and sport uniforms in all colors and styles for leisure timewear. They still carry the longyis for all opportunities.

In the past, ladies' outerwear was made of a waist-length shirt called an "Aingyi". Formerly it was waist-length, but was carried to show the "Ahtet Hsin". Later it was extended even further to coat the fabric stripe on the lady Longgyi. So the women could keep a multitude of knobs and choose matching to their skirts and blouses.

Rich women were wearing knobs of golden and diamond, ruby, sapphire, pearl and other valuable and semi-precious jewel. In the 1930' s there was another beloved styles. In contrast to the "Yin Hpone" with the opening on the side, this type was known as " Yin Si ". Only long sleeved wear was used before the Second World War, and once the sleeve was loosely underlaid.

After the Second World War, the four-length sleeve and a rigid Chines neck also came into vogue. Even though the traditional Mandarin necklace is no longer very fashionable, the four-length sleeve has now taken a firm place in Myanmar clothing. Transparency in outerwear had its origins just before the Second World War and was greatly condemned by the general population and the Buddhist priesthood, who found it unmodest, insulting and patriotic.

After the war, when it reappeared, it still could not find the agreement of our straightforward Myanmar company. However, the persistent Longgyi remained the same over the years. Today, women's outerwear, especially leisurewear, has gone by. This traditional Myanmar shirt has not been completely thrown away and is still in storage to be wore at every time.

However, most Myanmar women, young and old, have decided to choose to dress in casual and casual jackets and T-shirts in all styles and colors. They' re still carrying her over the Longgyi. The neckline has also been reduced both front and back, and some have dared to carry fuel tanks but with the omnipresent Longji.

It is not only that this bold approach has been disapproved by Mum and Dad, but the inborn humility of most Myanmar teenage boys and boys has hindered the spread of unassuming fashion. And even the long calves of the recently fashionable Long Myanmar has passed its flowering stage and Myanmar Long Myanmar is ankle-long again. Myanmar wise enough to realise that the longyis can conceal a variety of sin, especially if you are brief and hefty.

The long swing of the Longgyi also reinforces the youthful and supple youth. So, the longgyi is still the preferred outfit. Myanmar women have been experimenting and adopting new trends and lifestyles, but they stick to traditional fashion. It' truely that today's fashion has made some changes to the ladies' Longgies.

It can have the wrong front panel and may be carried by a zipper on the side or back. You can also carry it short than the traditional long-gyi. However, the incision and design is still recognisable as Myanmar iongyi. However, for casual use, nothing is better than the convenience of the old tubular cylindrical body, which is still used by almost everyone in Myanmar, men and woman alike. 2.

Myanmar Longgyi is also established as fashion clothing for aliens. Myanmar's fashion can come and go, but the Longgyi will go on forever. Myanmar has a wide range of fabrics and some of the most loved ones are Acheik, Silkware and Lotusrobe.

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