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Buy food from Burmese Store, near n lamar blvd,w st johns ave in Austin. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about L-Lingo Learn Burmese. Single metal miniature, delivered unpainted. The quarantine finds truckloads of food in the pockets of a Burmese family. This is Ewe Beast/Heroin Twosome/Bonds Store/Burmese Family.

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When I saw the Hard Hat threads and came over last evening, I halted at the Burmese store. This place is a long room. The majority of the articles come from Thailand and other world. I' ve not seen many things from Burma. You have a fridge with beverages and two freezer with meats, seafood and vegetables.

It was a straightforward discussion about the store with the woman who worked there. It also said a boyfriend is planning to open a Burmese food store in Austin next year. Small mall with a cricket shop.

The Burmese shopkeeper has a close connection to the kind of cultural life that needs help.

Taithio is proud to stand behind the bar at his Taithio Family Store on the Corner of Richland Drive and Monroe Road and welcomes clients in their mother tongues - Burmese and Chinese. Three years ago he opened the predominantly Burmese ethnical shop. The Taithio knows. He used to live where there was no way.

Born in north-western Myanmar, formerly Burma, in Chin State in a city named Falam. At Zomi Theological College he went to study divinity, got divorced with his woman, Manghrin, and they had their first-born boy, Zalan Luai Taithio. Numerous minority groups have been murdered because of their democracy. He said that at the tender ages of 22 he was part of Falam's group of students and had to escape with his little Bro. Run Bik.

He had to abandon his woman and kid and moved to Mizoram, India with his sibling. T aithio spent three years there. In 1992 his relatives came to him and one year later they settled in New Delhi. There, he found work as an Interpreter and Translation Service for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Taithio, 49, has been living in Charlotte since June 2006. Prior to opening his business, he worked as a clerk at two relocation agency, Interfaith Refugee Missionary in New Bern - her first home in the USA - and Carolina Refugee Resetlement Agency in Charlotte. He said he had assisted some 2,000 Burmese returnees to set up in Charlotte.

By 2013, he made the decision to focus on setting up his company and spend more quality of life with his wife and daughter. "I' ve got a five-person Burmese refugee home now living in my house while they are waiting for their flat to be finished," he said. In addition, he has worked to establish a Chin Christian worship every Sunday at Park Road Baptist Church and to found the Chin Community of North Carolina, which will take place in Charlotte in October 2015.

Burmese homes are entering the Burmese shop.

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